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These sites guarantee to pass time and force you to procrastinate more than you had intended to!!

kimmi73 Resident Posted by in General - May 19, 2013, 1:46 am


#1: Facebook Status Updates Gone Wrong at Lamebook.com
Lamebook is dedicated to all things Facebook that can make you groan, laugh, or quickly defriend one of your connections. The thing I love about Lamebook is that these screenshots are sent in by Facebook users- and we all know how private Facebook is. That's how good of "friends" these people are with eachother. Good friends share your stupidity with the rest of the internet. The submissions are usually horrendous typos, status updates that offer way too much information, and pictures that would make the most desensitized person blush. Of course some of these will make you laugh, especially if your friend feed isn't anything like these poor people had to read. Lamebook gives a quick view into the world outside of your own Facebook and will really make you think about your next status update or picture. If not, at least it will make you laugh.


#2: Ugly Tattoos at Ugliesttattoos.com
 I like to see the level of artwork and time put into a piece of art on someone's skin. I also like finding tattoos that are just horrifying. Ugliesttattoos.com has a nice collection of bad tattoos that will make the one you have that was done in someone's kitchen (not that I'm speaking from expierence...) seem not so bad. Some of these tattoos could be considered works of art with a bad idea. Some of these are good ideas with a bad execution. Most of the tattoos are bad ideas with bad execution. Ugliesttattoos.com is worth the browse, especially if you ever wanted to see a Bob Ross or a Tony Danza tattoo.


#3: Party Pictures at sorryimissedyourparty.com
Sure, you may have been to some crazy parties. You might have even woke up on someone's lawn wondering "What did I get myself into last night?". At sorryimissedyourparty.com, you can slowly put the pieces back together and get some clarity to the night before. Or not, maybe you just want to see how people around the world party. Most entries are just really random pictures of people trying to have a good time. Included are pictures of people passed out from having too good of a time, people showing too much, or people caught in the act of trying to do a keg stand. My favorites are pictures that are obviously from a different time period (80s and 90s). I like seeing that not much has changed in the way of throwing a killer college party. This also makes you wonder if you should put "No Camera Allowed" on the invitations to your next party.


#4: Google tries to get more personal at What The Auto-Fill?
If you're a web content writer and constantly wondering what are people searching for on Google, then What The Auto-Fill is for you. The blog is a collection of screenshots taken by someone who starts typing a phrase into Google and gets the auto fill list of most searched for subjects. Although the site hasn't been updated in a long time and the updates are sporadic, there are a few things here that will make anyone laugh. It gives great insight to what people are typing into the Google search bar, but I wouldn't recommend it as a tool for those looking for web article ideas... or maybe you'd find something here.

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AmyNevilly Resident
May 19, 2013, 10:12 am -

Lol I found myself strangely obsessed at looking at this stuff. Normally I get bored quickly by such things. devil

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