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So You Wanna Fish

Cristalyn Resident Posted by in General - May 20, 2013, 10:12 am


So you want to fish. GREAT! Welcome to our addiction. Let's get you all set to go.

Of course you'll need a Fish Hunt fishing pole. You can get this a couple of ways. One option is to go to the SL marketplace and get the free rod.  The other option is to visit Fish Hunt Headquarters and find the sign to click on that will give you one.  The free rod comes with a few worms to get you started too.

If you want to start BIGGER you can always get Pro Rod, the Deluxe Rod or even the Magic Rod if you have the linden to start that way. The benefit is these rods do give more xp per cast so you can gain xp faster and more xp = more linden once you get high enough.

Now that you have rod in hand and a few worms to start yourself off you can fish. How do you find where to fish? Well Fish Hunt has a wonderful site set up to help you find the best places. Top of the list will always be the multiplier buoys  Multiplier buoys mean better prices for the fish you catch. Something normally worth .05 will be .10 at a x2, .15 at a x3 and so on. You can find the Fish Hunt fishing lands list here. So just choose your area and start fishing.

Eventually you are going to need more worms. You can buy these through the barrels you will see around many fishing holes and always at Fish Hunt HQ. Just right click the barrel and choose pay. Pay in the amount you want to and your worms will be instantly delivered. Small worms generally cost about .25 (ish) each. Better worms cost more money.

So what's the difference between the different types of worms? There are small, Tasty, Enchanted and Magic, in that order. The better worms cost more, but they provide some benefits as well. Better worms make for shorter casting times and increased xp (experience) per cast.

Later in the game you may wish to produce your own worms. This is entirely possible. You will need to invest in a worm farm. Worm farms produce 100 worms about every 3 days. Worm farms require a worm pack, 4 clean waters which can be purchased at Fish Hunt HQ near the crafting hut (these are about $2 linden each), and 3 bio-wastes. Bio-waste is sold near the clean water at Fish Hunt HQ but may also be caught while fishing. You have to start out with Small Worm farms but once you reach 256 xp you can get into the tasty worms if you wish.

Each time you catch a fish you will see information come up about the fish you caught and a few other items as well. Let's say you caught a whopper. OMG you've caught a fish worth $2. GREAT! But where did the money go? It's not in my balance. It's ok, that money is going into your special account. Once your reach at least $1 you can withdraw it at the ATM at Fish Hunt HQ, it's in the hut. Just click the ATM and hit withdraw and you get paid. YAY. There is a minimum withdrawal of 1L and a max of 300L per day.

The other option at the ATM is account. Choosing this option will get you a password for the Gold Tokens website where you can check your fishing inventory and much more. It's definitely worth getting set up for that as well.

Keep in mind that for the first week you may or may not see a lot of profit. You need to get your xp higher to get the most out of fishing. So keep fishing and work that xp up there. In the long run it is certainly worth the effort. Hit the multiplier buoys as much as you can for the best results.

One last thing. Remember that you can only fish a buoy until you spook the fish. You spook at 45 casts. Once you are spooked at a location you cannot fish there again for 24 hours. But do not worry, there are PLENTY of places you can enjoy fishing throughout your fishing day.

This is very basic information but enough to get you started having some fun and making some lindens. So get out there and start having fun with fishing. Can't wait to see you.

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Elora Danick
May 20, 2013, 3:44 pm -

A perfect display of the beginning steps to fishing. Well written friend :-) I love how much you put into your blogs!

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