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Business, and why you should mind your own

Lumadil Resident Posted by in General - May 21, 2013, 6:04 am


I hate to sound preachy or to gripe but i have something to say as my first blog entry.

People fish hunt, people gold hunt, people enter royal contests, people choose to farm, people choose to make potions, people choose to buy potions, its by choice, there is no force involved. I've heard of people whining about those who buy royal potions to help them out in contests, and say things like "you spend more than you make from the award for winning" and laugh about it like the person buying the potions is a moron", yeah, but they also make money through normal earnings, which if your rank is high enough, you can easily make that money back in a day or two and alot more. My point is, why does it matter to you? Because you won't be in first? the contests cost 10L's to enter, all you have to do is place high enough to make 11L's to make a profit, so why complain? Why taunt or bother others about it? people choose to do what THEY choose to do, its their business, not yours. i buy royal potions, i dont buy alot of them, but i also do the math between how many potions i buy, and how much in earnings i know i can make, and never over spend myself in any given week when it comes to buying the royal potions, does that make me a bad person cause I chose to buy them and fly ahead of some people in the royal hunt rankings? It doesn't make anybody a bad person or a dumb person if they choose to buy those potions.

Some can't afford it, and i understand that, but my message isn't directed at those who can't afford them, its directed at those who find the need to complain because other people can afford to buy them. For some fish hunt is about fun, its about meeting new people, i fish because its something my wife and i can do together that keeps us in one place for a long period. We also enjoy the competition. The other week she came in first in the Royal fish hunt and gold hunt, and i came in 2nd. I didnt complain she beat me in both, i was proud of her. She had fun and i had fun, and i think some people are forgetting that this all is suppose to be fun. if you can't have fun fishing on SL, then you should really find something else to do and stop trying to ruin other peoples fun. If someone wants to use potions, its their money, not yours. You have NO right to judge them, i doubt you'd want them judging what you do outside of fishing, so don't judge them for what they do while fishing.

Bare in mind this post wasn't directed at the vast majority, just a selected few who seem bent on trying to ruin the fun for others, just because they have a bad attitude.. thank you for reading.

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