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Epic Fishie facts

Valkyujra Resident Posted by in General - May 25, 2013, 3:46 am


So I ran my idea by Lady Katra and Dragonna swords about a fishie fact blogs, those names of the fish we all catch some of them just really stand out and make us say....that can't possibly be a real fish, But they are indeed true living fish in RL. Once I discovered this i started sharing link in the gold sweepers chat sharing with the group the fish I catch providing to them a link to wiki on the very fish, where its located, its scientific name and much more info on the fish itself. so thank you very much ladies for supporting my idea and I hope everyone in Fish Hunt can enjoy the intresting fun fishie facts since I am fishing now I will share with everyone the very next fish I reel in Thanks eveyone for the fishies, for fishing, and having such supportive and positive attitudes,

You've caught Longnose whiptail catfish...careful now...
Fishing Experience: 48969

Rineloricaria (from the Greek, rhinos meaning nose, and the Latin, lorica meaning cuirassof leather) is a genus of freshwater tropical catfish (order Siluriformes) belonging to theLoricariidae family. They are commonly called whiptail catfish because of the long filament that grows out of the tip of the caudal fin that is characteristic of the genus. They are native to the rivers of Northern and Central South America but are imported to other countries as household aquarium pets.

and here is your wiki link for those you want to know even more!


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I am Valkyujra, Drama free, Fish Hunt Addict, Info junkie,nature loving, kind hearted, Epic Hero. Author of The Epic Fishie Facts and News. Devoted Einherjar leader. Deeply empathic, clever and intelligent, I am always thinking and always using my imagination.Thanks everyone for the Fish! for Fishing! and all the positivity, Love to all and GOOD LUCK FISHING!

Community Comments

Katrab Resident
May 25, 2013, 4:08 am -

Great blog Valkyuira and I can't wait to learn more about our crazy fishies.

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kimmi73 Resident
May 25, 2013, 4:31 am -

Great Ideal! I have googled some names of some of the fishes in the past, as well!!!smiley

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October 6, 2014, 2:59 pm -


Did you know that a fish with longest name in the world is:

lauwiliwilinukunukuoioi (I'll call it wiliwili fish)

-wiliwili- fish
They named the fish after my name!!! \☺/ 

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Valkyujra Resident
May 29, 2013, 12:32 am -

lmao thats so awesome! epic fishie facts is the greatest idea thank you wili for your support as well as everyone else love to al of you.

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October 6, 2014, 2:59 pm -

Presenting... Rineloricaira Longicauda:
Rineloricaria longicauda

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