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Cute factors in the mommy-daddy world...

Uzo Dayafter Posted by in General - May 27, 2013, 3:08 am

Kailynn's babies

Kailynn and her babies

Second Life is a fantasy world loaded with so many things there truly the imagination is the limit... if that. Most people in the SL population are in there because their real life is miserable, sick, unhappy, dull or lacking in something one way or another.


Second Life Families

Numerous SL families have been formed by people who never knew each other before, some are tight and stick together for a long time, some are not so much and they might end with some drama or just change in one form or another.


Second Life Parenthood

There are notably many adult or young adult people role-playing children (RL age limit in Second life is 17, or with guardian's approval 13 for G rated places), and it sure has a cute factor especially when they play it well. But what if something happens? After all those kids are not really your kids, they have their own individuality inherited from their RL parents, many things you as SL parent cannot control. What if they decide to stop being a kid, or just walk away on you one day, leaving your broken heart behind?


Prim Babies

There is one fail-proof approach Second Life offers and this is where it gets really cute and cool.

Virtual mommy with virtual baby

A mommy is shopping with her baby...

Creativity is amazing in this world and creating babies with their AI behavior, movements, actions and reactions is one of the most adorable magic of the grid. We call them Prim Babies.

My dear friend Kailynn has two of those and anytime she brought them to our club while we held a party, those little buggers sure cheered up everyone immediately.  Yes they are simply just lovable crawling around the floor, even playing with their toys.



So I visited one of these stores. The one I went to, called Zooby. I have no idea what it means but that's the name.

No surprise there I was the only man in the store and some of the ladies already had a baby they were carrying while shopping in the different rooms. One section was filled with these prim babies from several different race and skin tones, the others with furniture, accessories.


The Zooby Baby store in Zoobyville

As I walked around I took a few shots because this was sure a new experience for me. The babies looked as real as they possibly could with the present graphical limits, their sound made of real or very realistic playback and I couldn't help it but smile as I was exploring the place.


Virtual Adoption

Zooby Baby

Zooby babies looks as real as they can be made in SL

I don't have children in RL and I don't know if I am at all a father material, but living in this virtual world, the opportunity is there to make believe something and live in it. I am married in Second Life and have been thinking of getting one of these little cooing cutenesses to complete our second life perhaps with some more color. Of course this is still a discussion to come with my lovely wife and if it would happen we probably would skip the whole pregnancy game - we'd call it adoption instead, but whether we will get a baby I can certainly suggest everyone a visit to this place just to get a feeling of a virtually artificial mommy/daddy world...


To visit Zoobyville click on this link: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Zoobyville/77/135/22

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