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Epic Fishie News

Valkyujra Resident Posted by in General - May 30, 2013, 2:27 am


Ok, Fishers! This is it Current events on the fishie fish world. What's going on and what's new! I hope everyone is having a good fishing day out there in SL!

First up, Back on the first of May a snakehead was found IN CENTRAL PARK O.O ok, these fish are seriously no joke my friends. Carnivous and land loving tritors to their own gills. let's see what MSN had to say:

                                                           NYC's latest thing to fear? Carnivorous fish that can live on land
                             The invasive snakehead fish (© Ed Wray/AP)


They call it Fishzilla, a fearsome predator with razor-sharp teeth, an unending appetite and the ability to survive on land for days at a time. And this sci-fi sounding creature has been discovered in Harlem Meer, an otherwise innocuous lake in New York City's Central Park. The snakehead isn't native to the United States, but anglers have reported seeing them in one of the city's most popular fishing spots. Wildlife officials are warning amateur anglers that if they catch one, they should NOT throw it back into the water. Because of its voracious appetite, snakeheads could "radically alter the local fish population" by chowing down on "fish, frogs, crayfish, beetles and aquatic insects." Does anybody know if they eat rats? 

                                                  according to The new york times this however was the one they found 
                                                                                The northern snakehead, referred to by some as fishzilla, is a voracious predator, eating just about anything in its path.
                                                  Whew!! thank Cod it's not alive, But believe you me If Central Park were to become a breeding ground for these scaly organisms New Yokers would have a serious problem on their ponds!! these fish will literally destroy, devour, and demolish any other fish they com across, horrible for any water ecosystem! o.O

Next up on Epic Fishie News!!!!

New Species of See-through “rainbow” Fish Discovered in the Amazon

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Valkyujra Resident

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I am Valkyujra, Drama free, Fish Hunt Addict, Info junkie,nature loving, kind hearted, Epic Hero. Author of The Epic Fishie Facts and News. Devoted Einherjar leader. Deeply empathic, clever and intelligent, I am always thinking and always using my imagination.Thanks everyone for the Fish! for Fishing! and all the positivity, Love to all and GOOD LUCK FISHING!

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October 6, 2014, 2:59 pm -

Poor See-through “rainbow” fishy goes all white when it dies like Snuffles when they run out of Sunflower Seeds lol

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