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ADS share price is growing

Goldtokens Posted by in General - May 30, 2013, 4:19 pm


2 days ago ADS company has presented new commitment to take steps towards increasing ADS share market price on stock exchange simulation Capex.

Just 2 days ago ADS share price was selling at 0.41 L$ per share. After shares buyback by ADS company was announced share price started growing. shareholders activity has increased and in just 2 days for 793224 L$ (about 3135 USD) have been traded for ADS shares.

In announcement we outlined new commitment to drive ADS share price above 1.2 L$:

Today ADS share price is already selling at 0.61 L$ per share. That is 32,7% increase and in next weeks and months it will keep growing steadily. Reasons why ADS share price has reached its historic bottom in market value are:

- rumors about ADS company pulling out of stock exchange.
- negativity and despair by some shareholders in ADS capex forum (http://www.slcapex.com/forums/browse/ADS)
- ADS company did not have any shareholders strategy and investors didn't know what they can expect in future.

We have sent a general announcement about new commitment to drive up ADS share price so that investors who buy our shares can expect that they will be able to sell at higher price in future. We have also informed all investors that ADS company will continue being listed on ADS exchange and that we'll make sure it will perform well. We regard stock simulation as a financial game with defined set of rules and our goal in playing this financial game is to ensure all players hapiness. 

Increase in ADS share price will benefit everyone who is invested in us and give those that don't agree with our company policy an option to divest with little or no loss. While new investors will be able to participate in growing ADS price, learn the stock trading game and make a small profit.

Total number of shares of ADS company is 17 500 000.
I am currently majority owner of 7,945,470 ADS shares.
- 45.4% is owned by ADS CEO (me).
- 28,1 % is in hands of larger investors who have 2,4 % or larger ownership.
- 26.5% or 4,643,642 ADS shares is in hands of smaller investors (those that have less then 2,4 %).

If we valued ADS company by shares then total market capitalization (market value of the company):
- at ADS share price 0.4 this makes total market capitalization of ADS 7 000 000 L$ (that is about 27 450 USD).
- at current ADS share price 0.61 its 10 675 000 L$ (that is about 42 193 USD).
- at ADS price 1.2 per share total market capitalization would be 21 000 000 L$ (that is about 82 352 USD).

1.2 L$ per share was price that ADS shares once had. We know that from that point ADS company in real terms (number of players, land owners, product sales) was growing but ADS share price was declining because of general distrust in unregulated stock exchange game. We know that ADS today is worth much more then 1.2 L$ per share.

If you are a player of our games you can consider investing some of profits you make from playing our games into ADS shares. If you decide to try yourself as a player in stock exchange game I just ask you following things: 
- regard it as a game and an opportunity to learn about how stock market works.
- altough we are dedicated to make our share market price grow virtual markets can be unpredictable.
- never invest sum of L$ you wouldn't be able to afford loosing.
- understand that investing in ADS company through a stock market game simulation is just a game and no RL laws about securities trades apply. This game runs mainly on trust into CEO's interest to take care for his players interests best he knows and he can.

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