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Fix Stolen Fish Casts From Counting Against Cast Count!

DamienAnthens Resident Posted by in General - May 31, 2013, 6:11 pm


Many a person that likes to fish would have to agree that stolen fish are incredibly frustrating, especially when they happen so many times in a row!  However, I believe what's most frustrating about these is the fact that they are counted against your cast count at the buoy.  Because of this, the amount of casts that are going to give you earnings drasticly go down, and you spook at the location much faster!  Players are losing out on a lot of their earnings because of these stolen casts, get frustrated, upset, and I wouldn't be surprised if many of them even avoid these buoys due to frustrations.  Now, if players are not wanting to go to a buoy to fish at it, then the land owners hosting the event are not going to be able to get as much traffic as they are hoping for.  In the end, not only do the players lose, but so do the land owners!

Now, if it were changed around to where stolen fish casts no longer count against one's buoy count cast, one would not be so frustrated or upset over the continuous stolen fish casts due to the fact they know they would not be actually losing earnings in the long run.  Please, LGH staff - Wili, Amy, and moderators - think on taking my suggestion and going through with it!  Please, players, if you agree with me, send in suggestion tickets asking for them to make it so stolen fish casts no longer count against one's cast limit at a buoy!

Thank you, everyone, for taking a moment to read this over and think what I have to say over.


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