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OMG I Have Spooked All The Multi's On The List!! O.O

dayz Short Posted by in General - June 4, 2013, 6:05 pm


This post intends to address the lack of attention paid to many /most/all of the buoys who live in the 1x grey zone of obscurity and solitude. Before it does so, it will first give a nod of recognition and understanding to the ranks who find profit hard to see until their xp grows and so stick to multi fishing only. I recognize that until you raise your xp to a more productive fish value, what I am about to say may not be the best thing for you to do. And even some with highr xp values may find other justifications to ignore this post, individual circumstances always exist that color the picture of any action and I am not making a blanket statement meant to cover all. That being said, I wll get to the reason for this post.

  It is human nature and common sense to naturally gravitate towards the action that produces the best and most lucrative result, and an obvious example of this is the amount of fishers at a multi buoy compared to those at a 1x. The long term consequence of this behavior is something we all need to consider though, and so I wish to put forth some information that may not be obvious to the average fisher pursuing the elusive multi-event

Filling a buoy is expensive. As is the initial buoy cost and parcel set up/maintenance

Setting a buoy to even a 2x eats 1k Linden in an hour or less.

Only a small amount of landowners can afford to set buoys to multi level. Of those, only a handful can afford to keep it at that multi level for more than a few hours, if that long.

Unles you are using the Magic Rod, you will spook/deplete your alotment of fish for a given buoy at 45 casts. (translate - you will need other buoys to fish)

Now, consider the landowner who wishes to increase traffic and so installs a buoy. He is an average person making due as best as he can and cannot afford to sponsor more than the very occaisional multi event, if at all. He sees how many fishers come to 2x and so strives to offer this when possible but the cost of maintaining this soon drains his usable income and so his buoy falls back to 1x or is taken up completely. In the 1x example, fishers soon stop coming to his parcel as there are no more events and traffic dies to a non-existant trickle. he waits but soon grows discouraged and up goes the buoy.

Why this matters so much. These landowners I speak of leave the community and the options for available fishable buoys shrinks, the poetential for growing the fish hunt community lessens, and the fishers loose a potential income source for the future.

From a diffrent view....the fishers take time to fish 1x buoys often and the landowner's traffic pleases him and the search standing results brings him additional spending traffic and he has a larger spendable income to host multi events and the fishers have a larger base to pull fishing options from.

I am not saying every fisher should ignore the multis and go fish 1x at obscure locations but....those who can should. For one, you will find less failed casts at the 1x. for another, you will be helping the landowners gain strength, which in turn strengthens the fabric of our community, which in turn strengthens the profit potential for the community members.

I am not talking about the ones who stay to fish the 1x after it is turned off from a higher x. They already have your traffic. I am talking about the buoy hosts at the bottoms of the lists. Those who cant affford to multi their buoy. start from the bottom up...alter an event buoy with a 1x...every other buoy go to one from each side. Say hello to the land owners and let them know you appreciate their participation in the community, click their vote station boxes and throw 10L into a donation box or 50L into the buoy. A succesful and productive community requires that even its weakest members be supported and included. Please keep this in mind as you set out to fish today . =)

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Sunday Coba
June 4, 2013, 7:25 pm -

Hi Daisy,  nice blog post. Doc and I fish at 1 timers all the time. For one thing no lag for us, no people stealing our fish and no constantly getting the "im sorry" thing . To me Its not worth the  hassle to go to all the multi's  . I don't say I never go to them sometimes I go find a new place to fish and return even when its  aone timer.  and always hit the vote box  its the least we can do. Thanks for sharing Daisy

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Cristalyn Resident
June 4, 2013, 8:26 pm -

I didn't go to 1x buoys until my xp got up in the range where it doesn't hurt me to be at them and I can even still profit at them now. Now I go because many times I'm on limited hours or have limited time to fish and there aren't always enough multi's up to support everyone. Either there aren't enough for me to go to or there are only a couple and EVERYONE is at them which lags me terribly. 

I enjoy the 1x buoys for their peace and quiet. I get to fish and enjoy it. I do often use the multi's to find and bookmark new locations I enjoy. I have a whole fish hunt folder with LMs I got from a rare multi.

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Uzo Dayafter
June 5, 2013, 6:54 am -

Im am so with you Dayz,

While I have hosted numerous x2 and x3 FishHunt events on my sim, I came to the conclusion that they are just not worth it whatsoever. As you stated, 1000L gets sucked up in an hour or less, 10% goes to the service, and honestly there are several way more effective marketing solutions out there for that cost. FishHunt running on x1 is something that can't find much better competition though. It is something both the land owner and the fisher can live with.

I recently decided not to ever run a x2 or x3 FishHunt because it's just not cost effective and I am sure every other land owners will realise that soon enough. You are right, FishHunters should think long term and not trying to "get rich quick". I always appriceate the long term loyal ones more than those who drool & greed. 

With that being said, Prim Entertainment Center welcomes everyone at anytime for all it offers. Perhaps it is not always about how much money to make. Sometimes it should be about fun, good times and community...

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Uzo Dayafter
June 5, 2013, 6:55 am -

By the way. you might want to put this article in the "FishHunt category" :)

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