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Coin/Gem Stealing

Garry Absent Posted by in Gold Hunt - June 6, 2013, 1:44 pm


I want to make one thing perfectly clear.

I really, really Wish that stealing had never been a part of this game. I would be absolutely over the moon if in a future release of coin upgrades they were made that if the person who first clicked the coin was not within the three metre detection range the coin would reset to it's starting state and that person would have to click and wait again. To me that would do more to generate traffic statistics and improve game relationships no end.

However, since it is part of the game then I learnt to live with it and to make the best of it. I know that some of you consider me one of the games biggest thieves. It's not true, but you are entitled to your opinion.

If I was able to steal a coin you had previously clicked, the fault is not mine, but yours. You either clicked too many and are being supremely greedy, or didn't think about the timings of the coins well enough. If coins are taken from me, and they often are, including by many of you who call me a thief, having short memory spans for the coins you took from me before I took any from you, I will almost always accept the loss and move on. If I believe you are using bullying tactics, like pushing or shoving etc, then I will try to put the evidence together and submit a complaint to the GameMasters via the help ticket system.If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. If you can't cope with the game the way it is, leave and do something different.

I hope you don't leave but become great hunters. Please know that if you become abusive to me or others around me I WILL collect that evidence and submit a ticket. There are far more players in this game who will tell you I have been a great help to them, have taught them how to hunt well, have shared many coins and gems with them, shown them the webpages and given them huds. I keep spare huds and beginner rods unused in my inventory to give to new players when they need them.

A smaller group I hunt with as co-operating friends, we share information on where coins are and let each other know when we find coins we are too early to collect. Working together like this makes the games a lot more enjoyable for me. Feel free to give it a try. I won't charge you for the idea. It even got me a wonderful girlfriend. I am not massively demonstrative in public but I will say here and now, thank you B.E.A. for being patient with me and not giving up.

Now, go find some coins or do some fishing or water some sunflowers. Earn your Lindens, work at being a good hunter instead of expecting the game to be easy for your acting out your jealousy of those who have put in the time and effort to learn the games well.

If you agree with me, add a comment. If you don't agree with me, add a comment, just don't be abusive. Stay polite. If you really agree with me then a few Lindens will be appreciated. As with any blog I post. I have put a good deal of time and thought into it.

Happy fishing, keep busy.




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Community Comments

Tink Wardell
November 4, 2013, 12:55 pm -

Well said Garry, part of the game is "stealing".

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ElisePetite Resident
May 26, 2014, 12:58 am -

It's an option. I only take coins if I can see either the owner is not on the sim any more or they are so far away someone else would get it before they got back to it.

It's all well and good to say 'well it's just part of the game' which I see on the blogs and in chat here and there. It's an optional part of the game.

But people also have a right not to like it, just as you both have no issue with it. It will irritate some more than others. Making it out as if people should just get over it and move on, well you are entitled to that opinion just as others are entitled for it to annoy them, and also be entitled to say it.

This is a huge network, promoted far and wide. Few would not know about it. Touted as a great way to make Lindens in many different ways. People that don't like the stealing are still entitled to play. There are plenty of games outside SL that I play or have played where some rules annoy me (Planetside had some bad ones but they got fixed yay), but I still enjoy them.

People should be allowed to voice their opinion, as long as it's not a tsunami of verbal horror.

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