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Prim Entertainment Center: Fountain and the Prim Trees

Uzo Dayafter Posted by in General - June 14, 2013, 12:39 am


With this article I am starting a series with introducing a place called Prim Entertainment Center. Because of it's various attractions it offers, it's diversified fun opportunities, it takes more than one article to really describe what this place is about.

Prim Entertainment Center

The Fountain

The first thing you will see as you land following the linked landmark below, is the welcoming spot at the fountain. This is the center of the mall area where you immediately can see everything around you - depending on your draw distance settings of course. Right next to you the teleport signs that can take you to all the different attractions, however you can reach most things just by walking around.

I want to talk about this fountain with recommendation of the creator's genius work and design. I don't know the person, never talked to him. His name is Adham DeCuir and these fountains are not only true art, but also very low priced. I certainly recommend it to everyone who would like to add something watery to their place. I put a shortened link here to the SL Marketplace store you can see all 5 version of his fountains: http://goo.gl/7PPEc

In the middle of the fountain you see the trademark sculpture of this place: Two default prim cubes on each other bearing the dominating colors of blue and gold. With that welcoming you at Prim Entertainment Center you already can feel that you are at a quality place that is somewhat unique comparing to other places.

Prim Trees

Now here is the second thing that might grab your attention. The trees. The trees around you are not anything you are used to in Second Life. Those are Prim trees. Specially made for this place only, simple and descriptive and with the first impression as you arrive you get two important message of this place: pleasing to the eyes and low lag.

Attractive simplicity

If you are looking for a place that is well detailed, almost real life looking, then Prim isn't your spot because this place was made with two basic things in mind: Fun and simple. Simplicity, light use of the textures, scripts, not heavy on prims makes the place enjoyable for everyone even with a weaker computer. Nothing is complicated here.

Personally I like to just sit down on one of the benches here before walking around, but again I have sentimental feelings to the place. Who knows? One day you might have too.

To visit Prim Entertainment Center, just click on this link:http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Prim/128/110/412

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