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Biggest Thief in the Hunt/All the girls Hate you

Garry Absent Posted by in General - June 16, 2013, 1:17 am


Biggest Thief in the Hunt/All the girls Hate you

These are two statements frequently thrown at me, pretty much word for word by individuals who think they have the right to IM me and complain 'you stole my coin'. If someone tells you these things about me, ask them for their proof. If someone tells you I cheat in the hunt, tell them They should be submitting a complaint to the GameMasters, not telling you. The GameMasters need jokes to laugh at for putting up with the grief and aggravation of the chat rooms and hunters. When you hear either of these two phrases quoted about me, remember this blog, tell the person giving you this misinformation that spreading lies and harassing another player is against the TOS of the games. Hunting well, and fast are not.

I already put the cat among the pigeons once. Here is a fresh Cat, A big one, it  has sharp teeth and strong claws. it runs hard and fast in hunting for it's target. It has put a lot of hours into getting good at it. If this cat gets to a coin or gem before you, you were too slow. This cat is not cheating. If you were not within three metres of the coin when it finished it's timer and this cat took it, it was not 'stolen'.

The coin or gem are not yours until you have completed the bot test.

Until you have passed the anti-bot test the coin and it's lindens belong to the land owner. Once the test is completed, the lindens belong to the person who completed it. You can't steal from yourself.

I'll repeat that,

                 if I got to the coin and completed the bot test before you could then that coin was

                 and is MINE. I didn't steal it. You lost it. The fault is yours, not mine.

Do not IM me with complaints or accusations. I consider IM's as belonging to those who are telling me something I want to know or asking my help, as they frequently are, with fishing issues, snuffle breeding or worm farming. Feel free to comment in local, as long as you are polite with it. I won't listen but if it makes you feel better go ahead. If you IM me repeatedly, if you cuss at me, swearing and making unfounded allegations or passing on those tow phrases, I will not tolerate it. I will not ignore you. I WILL submit Abuse Reports or file complaints in the games support ticket system according to what response I consider appropriate.

I am fast because I keep my script count down to absolute minimum most of the time, usually below 10. I don't wear an ao, even the ones you can embed in firestorm, when hunting as I find they slow me down. If I am faster than you, take a look and see if you have an AO active. I experimented with an enhanced running script once, it is more hassle than it is worth. I considered enhanced jumping for those times when coins are on roofs. I haven't tried one yet and don't think I will. I have been given a wall climber. I haven't used it.

I am near the top of the coin hunt table because I hunt well and work hard at it. I could be higher but I spend a lot of time fishing as well. Check out both tables. Don't take my word for it.

Happy fishing or hunting, keep busy.



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Takuya Fretwerk
July 7, 2014, 10:10 pm -

Hate when people IM me over a stolen gem  worth 2L$ witch amount to 0.02 cents  you want your 2 cents back  go find 2 cent in you couch cushion.

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