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Give a card...

Uzo Dayafter Posted by in General - June 17, 2013, 8:50 pm


Here is something I have encountered quiet often since I started Second Life. It's a well known fact that people don't really learn things when they start SL, other than changing clothing, appearance, walk, fly, teleport and shop.

I'm not going to start an SL education here, but I think this one function I am writing this article about is probably the most simple and least known "clickery". Either it is for work or networking I hope you will find this effective tool useful.

Not everyone wants to be your friend

Has it ever happen to you that you wanted to "friend" someone just to have them on your list because maybe you are a host, or a DJ, or you just want to get a whole lot of people as a contact for your business, for networking otherwise and they didn't want to accept your offer? Of course it has.

Many people in Second Life, including myself, very selective about who they have on their friend-list. I personally like to have friends only on it. I clear my list about once every month and keep only a selected few. Makes life much simpler and peaceful too.

Give Card...

So how can you have hundreds of people in your contact list without using the friend-list?

Give Card copy
Right click on the avatar you want to make contact and from the options select "Give Card..."


It's rather simple. You can always "give a card". That's right, just like in real life, you can hand out name cards. And the good thing about it that when you do that you automatically get one back too from the person. Simple, fast and painless exchange of name cards.

Make your virtual life easier

Where do the cards go? Where else? In your inventory. If you open it you will find a folder named: Calling Cards. All your friends and non-friends, everyone you ever "friended" and "defriended" are listed there and just like any other items in your inventory you can organize them in separate folders by categories like "Work", "Friends", "Hated", "Loved", "Dorks", "Goofs" and so on.

No more "CTRL CLICK" to unselect those you dont want to tp in a mass teleport, save time when you want to share things with certain people only and all together it makes your life easier.

A very simple and effective way to sort your contacts and keep in touch with people in a more organized effective way. Try it and once you are used to it you will never go back.

Have a fun life! :)


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