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The life of an Imperial agent - Prologue

Zeroshen Resident Posted by in Personal - June 21, 2013, 2:28 pm


"Who is there?!"

An unknown guard approached slowly as asked the shadowed fox silhouette.

"My name is Zero Vairat, and you shouldn't stop me..."

The fox came out the shadows, as held the neck of the surprised guard, choking him off.  Covering his mouth for not to let the screams alert anyone, making the guard a puppet in his fox paws. After the guard passed out, the fox hid the body in the shadows. The guard wasn't dead, but looked like. He was going to be out for a good while.

Yes, that's who I am. I'm a special agent of the Foxgard Empire, specialized in assassination, sabotage, spying, and sneaking my way around.

I joined the Imperial Army at ten years of age, by then, I was a young, naïve, and innocent fox what knew nothing about the world.

A year of training went off slowly, my superiors saw my talents for blending with the shadows, without do any sound, and became a perfect assassin or an agent. Able to hit the enemy behind their lines, destroy important buildings, bases, supplies or even, murder generals or important targets.

After being recruited, a heavy training program started, making me risk my life before even real operations. Why? They wanted an operative without fear, cold, and without remorse of taking lives. Who could do and will do his job without question, if what he did was good, or even that it was correct.

Eight years passed, my training was finished a long time ago, but I polished my skills. I became what my superiors expected of me, still, I have not lost my heart, nor my feelings....just mask the emotions with an impenetrable helm, the same one that I wear. I had no friends, yet I wasn't lonely.

"This will be too easy...." Zero said, as his mission just started.

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Well, what I can say of myself? Beside being a furry ninetailed fox, and a brony, white unicorn, not much. I like videogames, anime, a good book to read, my cute girlfriend and future wife of course, and do easy bad jokes, they aren't fun at all, but I cant resist. I wont consider myself funny, but im kinda random. I have a hard time when surrounded by lot of people, I enjoy more being with a small group and in a tranquil place. Anyways, that don't mean what im a grumpy fox, quite the

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Valkyujra Resident
June 21, 2013, 2:34 pm -

Very Impressive Zero, Can't wait for more!!

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October 6, 2014, 2:59 pm -


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