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Quick Kingdoms&Empires guide and an apology

Goldtokens Posted by in General - June 27, 2013, 3:55 am


Firstly I'd like to apologize to new players because there is not much info about new game. Time has been very short as we've been working lots on bug fixing and planing and adding new things to K&E war extension.

It is impossible to find all the bugs and glitches in system before hundreds of people start to use it that is why we've set to all new players who have created settlement among first ones 10 of each resources.

Secondly here are some quick small instructions for players to test it.

To create settlement click on following link: Create Settlement
To access your settlement after you created it already log into goldtokens website and click on K&E logo.
To declare war press Command Room and specify the name of your targer (you can use Top Players button to find other settlement owners).

If you are the attacker and you win a war against your target you become an occupier of ther settlement and you will receive aprox 30 % of their production. Occupied settlement  can break free from occupation if occupied player attacks his occupier. When someone declares war against your settlement when its under occupation the declaration will be forwarded against your occupier and if attacker wins that war then he becomes new occupier of your settlement.

More info and extensive guides will be created in next days.

As game is in beta you may experience a glitch or a bug. Please inform us on any bugs you may find and we will fix them as soon as possible.

Thank you for helping us testing this new system \☻/
Have fun \☺/

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Community Comments

ProHuman Resident
June 30, 2013, 4:15 am -

those are pretty basic guides. i am waiting for info about how the attack defence points are calculated.

what is the war loot based upon?

do i need to house peasants AND spearmen? are the spearmen trained peasants with spears, or are they seperate? (eg. i have 15 peasants and 10 spearmen.. does that mean i need housing for 15, or 25 people?)

i lost a lot of bread i was saving up in one night.. and cannot understand why.


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