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The many roads of SL

Keel Cahir Posted by in Personal - July 3, 2013, 8:33 pm


So recently, I've taken to every so often, findind a nearby road in regards to the sim my parcel is in, and picking one direction. And just walking.

So far, All I've found were random private parcels, a few clubs, store, and dead people literally sitting around doing nothing, save for one person who was... constantly spanking another, for no particular reason. Never even said a word to me as I zoomed by with my 3D manuever gear (From Attack on Titan. BECAREFUL WHEN WATCHING THIS ANIME, IT WILL MAKE YOU CRY))

But then I stumbled across this gem ((see pic below))

Now I'm a generally quiet christian person. And seeing this tiny church, on the side of Route 9, I had to stop and at least pay my respects. A small christian church. No owners or people were there, But I'm sure it has a small congregation on sundays. It's kind of nice, to see since a small place, though. Nothing big or elaborate, just a simple little church on the side of the road. Much like in real life.

A Rise from the Waters. An eloquent name.

I shall give a small prayer for them and be on my way.

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