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Operation I - Act I - The dark passages

Zeroshen Resident Posted by in Personal - July 4, 2013, 8:38 pm


I scouted the passage in front of me. Behind, I had the boxes where the knocked guard was, in front, there was a crossroad. There were sounds coming from the passage in front, a quiet reactor humming at the left and silence at the right.

My mission was sabotage the main generator of an advanced outpost of the Garsted Republic. This outpost was hid in the mountains, where the satellites cant pinpoint it. After think for a moment, a gave a chance to the silent passage. Is a common thing to hid well the main generator. Walking as a shadow, doing no sound, I spotted a vent.

"Bingo, that's what I needed." Taking off the grid I slid inside. The main generator was a beast if we have in mind the huge outpost I was infiltrating into, so it needed lots of coolant as air and other means, then at some point, the vents will go lower and reach the generator. After crawling for a while, I found laser detectors.

These lasers will trigger an alarm what will alert the soldiers of the outpost, pinpoint me on a security screen revealing my position in the vents, as well activate a purge laser screen. The screen will burn everything in the vent as it passes, is more like a pest control, but works against another live things. But that was no problems, I dealt with this security system before.

The trick was easy, this system will deactivate after 1 minute if it detected smoke, thinking the screen has passed and will start into a reload cycle even if is full for 30 seconds, enough for reach another grid and slide out. I ever carry a pair of small smoke bombs for be used in this kind of situations, they are small balls of the size of a grape, what can be programed to roll and deploy the smoke in the exact point I wanted. Doing that, the laser went off, without cause any alarm, the system just cares to show it on the security screen if is bigger than a rat.

Quickly, without losing time, I crawled to the next grid and watched troughout it, nothing down, no sound, so I slid out at the exact moment the laser system went back. Luckily, none of my nine tails stuck in the vent how to trigger it. Without more smoke grapes - as I call these small grape bombs - I decided to take a more direct route. Looking around, I found the map of the facility, the typical "You are here". I was close to the main generator, but there were no sound thanks the isolation of the room for don't let it bother outside the same one.

My guess was what there will be technicians monitoring and doing daily maintenance of the generator, my luck, I don't know the shifts at what they come for a check, but at least there won't be cameras since, who in his sane juice will think what the enemy will reach that point without trigger alarms or alert the security within the facility?

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