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The story of War - part 2

JohnGeorgeCooper Resident Posted by in General - July 7, 2013, 7:36 pm


Before you read this story I recommend you to also read part 1.
You can find it at:

The names that are in this stories van still change but I will adapt this to
all the parts and let you all know!

Have fun with this story, hope you love it!

The story of War - part 2

28 of June 1713, 11:58 PM

'The enemy has retreated. We were too strong for them', the officer, George McBain, was satisfied. Finally the battle was over, it was a hell of a fight. 'We lost a lot of men and the morale is even lower then before the battle. We still have nothing to eat and the general, John Sandwiches, has sent nothing to eat. The soldiers were angry and will not fight anymore. The soldier, Joe Cover, went to the officer to tell him about the worries of the troops. 'Sir, we lost a lot of men in this fight and we will not go further until we have something to eat'. 'I understand', said the officer. The officer sends a messager to the general.

The bread prices were too high. It was too expensive to eat bread, it was even too expensive to recruit some more troops. All the money was invested in this war, in the war of this specific settlement. 'How did it happen', the general was furious. Finally he made some progress and he was almost certain that his troops would win the war for him. The leader, the boss, the man that will create an empire to live in peace. 'My troops are not loyal to me and will be punished for this. Make my horse ready, I will go there myself to punish my officer. His punishment must be a warning to the other soldiers'.

So as the general said he was going to the siege camp near the settlement 'Veridia'. Veridia was under attack for about five days now. As a last resort they tried to break out but is was not such a success. They need to retreat in order to keep some men alive to save the children and women. This was not just a fight anymore, this was terror. They are just under attack because they did not listen to the ultimatum that the general John Sandwiches sent them. In the ultimatum it was said that all the people in the village will be safe if they become a part of the Kingdom of the Sandwiches, in which the general will become the King. But these people where to proud to surrender. 'We will fight to the end', was the only thing the settlement sent to the general. This was the end of the village, this was the end of these poor settlers...

While the general was on the move something else was about to happen. The troops of the general found something, they found a bakery near the settlement Veridia. This was great, finally they could make bread. Wheat was here in abundance and they had enough to make some bread. It was not that much but maybe it was just enough to lift the morale of the soldiers. 'Go there and bake as much bread as you can', said the officer to soldier Joe Cover. 'Yes, sir', was the only thing he could say. 'And if you do not have enough wheat you can just take it from the acres of Veridia. Finally they can make some bread and eat before the next battle will begin. Now they can lift the spirits if the soldiers and will conquer the settlement Veridia.

29 of June 1713, 3:35 AM

All the soldiers had enough. There was not enough wheat for all the bread they need. Luckily they had the permission from the officer to get it of the acres of Veridia. This was just lovely, after two days they finally got something to eat. This could not be better. The bread was what they need, the abundance of bread let the soldiers sing and for the first time in days they were happy. The officer, George McBain, came forward and said some words. 'Men, finally we have enough to eat, and this was not delivered to us but we made it ourselves. We worked as a team to fill our stomachs, to lift our spirits and now we will fight as a team to conquer this settlement. Make yourself ready, within two hours we will attack them and we will win'. All the soldiers said 'Together we are strong, strong are we together'. That sentence, just those eight words were enough to feel strong again and to become ready to fight the final battle of this settlement.

29 of June 1713, 5:49 AM

It was still a little bit dark. It began to rain and the men were tensed. Finally it will happen, this settlement will be fallen by noon. The settlement that holds them off for about six days, the settlement that was too proud to surrender and even all the inhabitants were willing to die. They would not want to be a part of the Kingdom of Sandwiches.

Suddenly the horns sound and the soldiers are marching to the gate. All together in four strong lines after each other, when the first in line died the next will take his place. The troops were also near the gate, the men with the ladders get the order to run to the wall and set them right up for the first troops. This was a success. The soldiers were climbing on the walls and stand done. There was no one, there was no one to defense the settlement. Did they give up? But Joe gives the soldiers the order to walk through and open the gate for the rest of the army. The officer came in the settlement and asked Joe why there was absolutely no resistance. Joe did not know, he did not know it at all...

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