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Over-supply of Biowaste (causes & effects) and how we will stabilize the system

Goldtokens Posted by in General - July 21, 2013, 12:27 am


As the supply of materials from Snuffles has far exceeded a normal stable rate of growth in last few months. Snuffles extensions were freezed due to other projects we've been working on (we've lost the control over how much resources snuffles are creating).

It created over-supply of biowaste and its price were pushed down to 0.5 L$ where its staying for longer time (with buy orders bio is selling even lower at 0.13 L). This had a good effect (for farmers) and bad effect (for fishers) and on overall bad effect on Farm Economy as a whole (because of oversupply of worms on market).

Under these market conditions Farmers were able to produce their worms cheaper and this effected the supply of worms which has increased. Fishers who were the main source of biowaste before Snuffles and biowaste crafting was introduced could now sell their fished bio at lower market price and they've gained out of it less then before - this has slightly contributed to lower demand for worms as fishers are the core buyers of worms

As the profit margin on selling worms increases more worms are produced and oversupply can exceed the demand - oversupply happens. This has happened lately as there is total of over 400 000 small worms.

I've immidietly took steps to get our fishing and farming economy back into state of equilibrium where supply of worms and demand for them is matched because that is the state in which the economy of Fish Hunt system as a whole will expand and that on the long run benefits all players (both farmers and fishers). 

I've increased the growing time for worms. This is not a very populat measure but I believe its needed and the benefit of it will be larger then frustrations of fisher-farmers. This by itself is not enough (and without other measures it would just buy us some time) that is why I've also increased the needed materials to craft BIOWASTE (which can mostly be obtained for free from Snuffles). Most Biowaste that is currenly on market is CRAFTED biowaste and not the one that is caught from fishing.

Altough someone can think this is unfair we need to understand that too much of CRAFTED biowaste can disrupt our equilibrium model. Before bio crafting main suppliers of biowaste were fishers and when they sold extra biowaste they had they gained extra money to buy more worms (or better worms). Fishers represent DEMAND for worms which is cruicial for SUPPLIED worms to be sold.

We are going to slowly move back to equilibrium model where most of biowaste sold through bio exchange is supplied by fishers who fish the biowaste. The supply of CRAFTED biowaste will shrink gradually and after that we will be able to increase the BIOWASTE rate obtained through fishing so that fishers will be able to obtain more biowaste that they will supply to exchange.

We have to move back from CRAFTED biowaste to FISHED otherwise this will disrupt the cycle of supply and demand too much and oversupply will get worse and we would loose too many people whose farms would go out of comission. That is why I've increased the needed ingredients for crafting biowaste.

Biowaste is a 2 handed sword, Biowaste is key to supply of worms and its best that biowaste is supplied by the fishers who buy worms.

I understand that changes can upset people. I want to make sure that our game systems continue to expand and that we continue growing our systems into biggest virtual economy with biggest community - Goldtokens.net

If we wouldn't do some changes in the past we would probably not be here.

I wish everyone happy fishing and farming and hunting \☺/

Wili Clip
CEO of Second Ads

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Community Comments

Garry Absent
July 21, 2013, 1:08 am -

Getting Snuffles moving on a more realistic breeding chance would do far more to increase the demand for biowaste since it is needed in the production of sunflower seeds. While a relatively small number of snuffles are out and feeding so seed demand will be low.

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October 6, 2014, 2:59 pm -

Wheat Farms in Kingdoms&Empires use biowaste.

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Garry Absent
July 21, 2013, 1:59 am -

Implementing a button to allow buy orders to be removed would also help to stimulate the price as lindesn were not tied up in orders that are never likely to be fulfilled or that we would wish to raise our bid price after someone else bids over us.

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