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The Importance of YOU

Cristalyn Resident Posted by in General - July 22, 2013, 9:31 pm


Too many times I have heard "I don't bring anything to the table." This has been said to me so often over the last 6 months for so many different reasons. EVERYONE worries about their own importance or place within any given group of people. Remember we often do not see our own value as others do.

If you are a member, elder, or Leader of a clan remember that you are there because you DO bring value. You bring value simply by your own presence within the group. You bring value simply by the contribution of YOU.

Often times people want to do MORE in their clan. They want to offer some skill or special aspect of themselves but they are unsure what or how. To this I say, listen and pay attention. Sometimes simply greeting new members or holding a good conversation in chat is supremely helpful because it's not something another could have done at that time. Other times your Leaders or Elders might be calling out for help and you may be able to lend a hand.

For instance, in my previous clan, we held events. At these events we offered prizes and activities. We needed people to donate to the prize pool. Every single potion, magic dust, or other like item that came in was GREATLY appreciated and added value to the whole. Some people didn't donate because they felt they couldn't do enough, but I say this is simply not true. Even ONE thing can make a HUGE difference.

Sometimes being more active is about listening for the moments that you can add value. Other times it is about just jumping in and offering something the Leadership may not have previously thought of.

Myself, I write. I love writing. This is not an easy skill to find use for in SL, in my opinion. However, with the new clan system and the Goldtokens blogs, I have found my niche. I am able to assist my clan by sharing my words.

Others in our clan are photographers and take photos for our clan, social butterflies who are amazing in chat and with helping people feel comfortable, great behind the scenes and help in ways most don't see but we'd be totally lacking if they weren't there, decorators, landowners, organizers, leaders, and so much more. Some have not found their perfect niche yet but I have faith it's there and will come out and shine when the time is right.

So stop worrying. No matter what clan you are in, no matter what you do in or for that clan, no matter 
what your personal skills are, you have great importance to the whole. We each are a piece of the puzzle. Once you find the puzzle you know you belong to, it might take time to find the spot you fit into, but I promise YOU FIT. Without you the puzzle could never be complete.

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Crista is a RL blogger & writer, and all around gamer. Many of her articles are meant to help others with questions that need answering or simply to inform on special events or things that are going on or have gone on recently in SL.

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Valkyujra Resident
July 22, 2013, 10:16 pm -


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Elora Danick
July 23, 2013, 1:51 am -

Very true, and very well said. I'll admit I've felt like that before, not just in SL clans but even in RL and it's hard to realize that every little action helps, it really does, even if it's not a huge noticable thing.

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