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Einherjar Now We Feast

Cristalyn Resident Posted by in General - July 28, 2013, 5:31 am


Dragonna walked the young lady around the beautiful lands of Einherjar and they talked at length about their hopes and wishes for the future. Finally the two settled on a couple stumps near the pond and just gazed at the water.

Sounds of the happenings within the hall drifted out upon the wind and Dragonna realized she may be needed. "Ruka," she said calmly, "I am needed within the hall. You may join me if you wish or stay here and relax, but I must return within."

Ruka nodded in understanding, saying "I think I shall sit here and maybe fish a bit. I will be fine. Thank you so much."

With that Dragonna smiled and then turned to re-enter the hall, ready to protect the leaders if things continued to escalate.

Inside things were in an uproar.  People rapidly asking questions. Drago and Val answered as many as they could. Then the conversation began to turn to how the leadership would run things in Einherjar and what they could expect. Drago calmly explained that all have a voice but the final decisions must always be left to the leadership, as that is what they are in place to do. 

Val softly spoke up and though her voice was soft and kind her presence was that of a grand leader and all listened. "My friends, we are here to serve you, help you, protect you. Our top interests are that you find a safe place to reside and farm your lands. We will do our best to make this a comfortable place to be for all."

Drago smiled lovingly at his amazing wife and continued, "My lovely wife is correct. We want what is best for you each and what is best for the clan as a whole. Sometimes that will conflict and the whole will take precedence but I assure you we will always do our best to be available to hear your concerns and they do not fall on deaf ears."

A few people got up, slammed down their cups and walked out. Val looked sad at this. Others looked confused. Drago spoke so all could hear, "Not all will feel they fit here. This is to be expected. Be ye not concerned. They will find their places. For those who choose to stay, you are welcome. For Einherjar has a heart and it's heart is it's people."

At this the crowd cheered. A peaceful silence fell all around and only quiet discussions could be heard, no longer about the past but about a future here in Einherjar.

Crista stood from her writing and shook out a now sore hand. Crista looked around the room and smiled at all who had chosen to stay, thinking 'so this is the beginning our our family. This is Einherjar'.

In the silence the door opened. A few turned to see who it was. It was Ruka rejoining the group, followed by three new weary travelers. 

Val walked gracefully over and greeted them all, then turned to the crowd and said "Now we feast!"



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