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Einherjar Story parts 4 & 5

Cristalyn Resident Posted by in Einherjar Clan - July 31, 2013, 7:29 am


After the feast the people gathered enjoyed some wine and ale. As the spirits of alcohol set in suddenly a voice burst into song. The voice sang out, 

Hammers of the Free
We bring to you
Respect and Honesty"

Then another picked up with:

Great fortress we'll defend
No harm shall come
To this family of friends"

This continued until there were four full verses and the crowd cheered with delight and then all sang the new song of Einherjar together as Drago and Val watched with surprise. 

Hammers of the Free
We bring to you
Respect and Honesty

Great fortress we'll defend
No harm shall come
To this family of friends

We pledge to do you proud
In war and peace
Our Loyalty is Vowed

The spirit in our veins
It's who we are
For this is our domain."

All then toasted to Einherjar and looked at the leaders with expectation. 

Lady Val was so touched by the gesture a tear could be seen rolling down her cheek along with a loving smile upon her lips. Drago looked hard at the crowd and then a smile crept across his face and he began the song once more. The whole crown joined in.

The evening continued with stories and toasting and laughter. All were feeling quite at ease. A few wandered the grounds and explored the nearby land, careful not to wander to far in this late hour. Even others could be heard fishing and humming the tune as they fished.

Finally, once again, sleep overtook them all and they laid themselves on mats and blankets to rest. Drago and Val retired to their private house and took their rest as well, knowing that a guardian would remain to watch over the land and crowd for the night.

Crista sat watch over the land, thankful that all had finally quieted. Dragonna sat with her upon the balcony overlooking the the lush green fields and tall trees. They talked about the newest members of the clan. They discussed concerns as well as expectations. They even dared once again to dream their own dreams, for they both had once come to Einherjar badly injured and in pain. This land, this clan, was healing them and they were finally coming to peace once more. 

Crista could see the exhaustion in Dragonna's eyes and spoke "My dear friend, go rest. I will take first watch and wake you later to take over." Dragonna almost spoke to argue but saw the look on Crista's face and realized she wouldn't win this one. She hugged her friend and went to one of the mats to catch a bit of rest.

The night went by quietly without incident. Everyone woke with the light of dawn and Dragonna already had the coffee and tea ready for those who desired such. Many were hung over a bit from too much ale the previous evening but all were still in high spirits, for today was surely a new day.


After breakfast the people were addressed by the Lady Val. "Good people, we have fields for you to farm in with room for any who need such land use. Farmers, plant your wheat. Fishers, there is room for you to farm your worms as well. If the land becomes to full we have room to grow so do not worry." She nodded to Dragonna. "Dragonna will lead the way for those who need this space. Just follow her."


Drago then addressed the people. "We also have a large area for those of you with animals. I know many come from far away and have yet to settle. You need space for those snuffles to grow and breed." He nodded to Crista. "Crista will lead the way to the pens. Please follow her."


Dragonna and Crista rose to lead the people to their needed spaces. Many followed while others did not have these needs yet. A voice rang up, "I simply need a place to fish."


Drago smiled and said "Good Lady, we have a wonderful pond here, just outside. Feel free to fish anytime you like. You will also find many wonderful and plentiful fishing ponds throughout the surrounding lands. I'm sure if you speak with one of our Guardians they can help you with locations." The girl smiled and nodded, then ran outside to find the pond.


The very newest people, who had arrived only the previous evening, were still sitting in the great hall. Drago approached one of the young men and asked how he might be of service. The young man smiled and then spoke "Thank you M'Lord. My name is Tyler and I'm quite new to these lands. I've traveled a very long way. I do not know your ways or how I might even be of help, but my hands are strong and I am healthy, so whatever I might do please ask."


Drago grinned, quite impressed. "You will find your place within these walls. Take your time, ask questions, and enjoy what we can offer. For now why don't you join that young lady outside fishing. I believe there are several people out there now. Do you have a fishing pole?" At this Tyler nodded. "Wonderful," the Magnus said, "then why don't you just go fish us all up a few fish for tonight's meal and we'll go from there."


Tyler, happy to have some way to repay the kindness of this clan, went to his gear and found his fishing rod, then out the door to catch something for the evening meal.


Drago looked lovingly at Val, who was chatting with the girl Ruka over on the sofa. Val caught the look and smiled at her handsome mate. Ruka, realizing they may need a moment alone, said "M'Lady, I believe I should go and fish for a bit, I see that young man out there and would quite like to say hello." Then up and off she went quick as she could without being rude.


Finally Drago and Val had a moment alone within the great hall. They clasped hands and shared their gratefulness for all who had come to join them. Then they walked upstairs to go out and look over the activity from the balcony. 


Drago whispered, "Sweetheart, Einherjar has it's core. We are well on our way." With that he softly kissed her cheek, then they sat overlooking all that was being built and taking place upon the lush green fields of Einherjar.



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