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There's only one Group Harvy.....

dayz Short Posted by in General - August 18, 2013, 5:03 am


Hello. My name is Daisy and I am a GM/MOD for all things under the collective roof of Wili Clip.

 I clock in to LGH staff at 10pm. I clock out at 5am.  I do this 7 nights a week. I also have a real life business of my own, one where I am the boss and the only employee, and it keeps me very busy. I  live with my 82 year old mother on 3 acres in the country. This means I am the handy-man,  care-taker, financial coordinator/provider, gardener, maid, yada yada yada.I sleep when I can, usually in 2 to 3 hours slots...but 6 hours  on the same day is a rare luxury. My RL supports not only me, but my mom, our home, and everything in-between. Therefore it has pryority in my life - as it should. This means I may be logged in, even clocked in to staff, but still AFK. Wili knows life comes first and we are allowed to use our own judgement on when a rl situation should come before an SL one.

 I love helping people. It is who I am. I take my SL job very seriously, and pride myself on knowing my efforts make people have a better day than they might otherwise have had.I'm freindly, funny. compassionate, and if you think I have mistreated you please let me know. I log absolutly everything and will be happy to find the issue and go over it with you. Smiles.  If I sound like superwoman, consider Terry and Monica, who put in even more hours than I do, and squeeze 3 times as much work into one minute than most manage in a day. They also have full and demanding real lives. Or max, who has a job in his real life as well...or our valued Elders...who give so much of themselves with no pay and seldom a thank you...they are always popping in to lend a hand with questions or help research ..

 We are the LGH/ADS Staff, and every one of us give of ourselves to better your experience in SL.We don't make up rules just to screw with you, or allow personal feelings to sway our responses and judgements, or treat one member difrently then the next based on clan membership, past encounters, or current attitude used to address us.
 Please realize that while your issue or situation is the one important thing on your plate when you ask for assistance, we are juggling 3 or 4 others who feel the same as you, while watching 10 staff related rooms for help requests and drama makers and rl kids or pets or phone and a zillion other circumstances and give us the curtesy of patience, understanding, and respect for the job we willingly do for you. We, too, want you to be happy and your issues resolved...our efforts to resolve them are sincere and we work hard to achieve them. Thank you

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Andrew215 Resident
August 18, 2013, 6:02 am -

Great post Daisy, I dont think many stop to think bout that side of things joys of living in a world where u can have what u want at the click of a button! Think it's good seein things from the other side of the fence and i think GMs dont get the credit they deserve but i think most would agree with me when i say a GMs work is always appreciated! You lot do a great job and lgh wouldnt b as good as it is without yas cool

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