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Commercial use of Gold Sweepers clan land

Goldtokens Posted by in Gold Sweepers - August 23, 2013, 11:29 am


Gold Sweepers clan provides free land for the clan members.

We have an opportunity to also organize a commercial use of clan land. Members of clan will be able to use agreed number of prims and size of land for commercial activity.

For that land a member who does commerce on it will pay monthly fee through clan donation to help support the payment of tiers and clan expansion.

We haven't yet decide what the fee will be. Its up to clan leader and clan elders to decide but other members can put their word and opinion forward too.

Commerce can help at growth of our clan and give Gold Sweepers an advantage over other clans. \☺/
This can also motivate business minded people (store owners, artists, merchants, bulders and scripters) to join our clan and help expand our clan community and at the same time getting paid back with more sales, more customers, friends and business goodwill.

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Community Comments

Fritzfranz Fride
August 25, 2013, 9:05 am -

So how much L$ is needed for the clan land every month ? 

The parcel close to the main BP fishing area and Keeblos vendor walls is a great spot for commercial use, a lot of "fishitors" there and a lot of ppl will at least shoot a glance. Thats all what commercial orientated members should expect. But where starts the "commerce" ? Farming worms and sell them on the exchange? Trying to sell selfmade Potion with profit (if possible anyway)? Selling selfmade stuff? 

From my point of view a tiny monthly fee for every clanmember could be a fine solution for the clans monthly costs... L$1 per day and member will bring the clan L$6000 per month in the moment (200 members). If you have enough commercial orientated members that need space for their buisness charge them additional L$1 per day they use the land.... but there should be a detaild info what projects are paid or investments are done with this fee. All that pay should be able to participate on advantages the investments bring.

Another question should be clear before the clan tries to expand: where is all this leading? more K&E orientated activities ? General LGH activities ? In the moment the initially reason for this clan is a bit out of sight i think , it was for the K&E game, wasnt it (at least i dont see/hear a lot of K&E themes on it, maybe due to my timezone... who knows)? 

Greetings Fritz

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Fritzfranz Fride
August 26, 2013, 3:43 pm -

Sorry, i forgot the most important question from all before i think about more: What for does a clan need land ? Is it needed for any part of a game ?

Greetings Fritz

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