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9 1/2 weeks with ραтιεηcε...

LittleHelper Eichel Posted by in Personal - September 14, 2013, 6:48 pm


...or "This Blogpost is not really about Moni(ca Xarlen) even if i payed her sometimes for the worms ;-)"
...or "The truth is that it took me 10 1/2 weeks but i wanted this title for the post ;-)"
...or "On my way from L$0 to the Deluxe Fishing Rod (2,990L$)"


Before I started

First deliberation: Get your free Beginner Rod with 50 free small worms from the marketplace or by touching this ladys nice backside... or the sign ? Hmmm lets test the sign first! The sign worked so i take care of the lady later maybe.
Second delibertaion: No money in my pocket should tell me to participate in x2 or x3 or higher multiplier events to get a base on L$ to work with. Additionally i started to collect all the coins and gems from Gold Hunt that i saw on my way through the Hunting Spots.





First Hour - First Day - First week 

So the first 1-2 hours i spent with clicking coins (made 12,25L$) and on a x3 Fishing-Event at "Mea Huna". The place where i saw ραтιεηcε the first time: 

[2013/07/01 17:45:04]  Fish Hunt Black Beginner Rod v1.6: You cast your line out as far as you can. Patience now...let's wait and see what you manage to fish up.

I won a few worms in the Fish Lottery and so had 37 left for another contest. I choose an x2 event this time at a sim called "Lake View", there i made 14,456 L$, used 36 worms and got so enough L$ to buy my first worms from ραтιεηcε. 128 for 0,25 each. A nice package to go on with. 

The first 100 L$ on my goldtokens account i reached on 4th of July after a "Gold Rush" at the Potion Depot and invested in 416 worms (0,24 each). The Potion Depot, a place with an extremly friendly Owner and a lot of Gold Rushes and Events. As a beginner it became one of my favorite places to earn a few Lindens. Gold Rush after Gold Rush and affordable prices for his potions (which i sadly dont use for this "experiment" here). Anyway, all landowners that offers free possibilities for their visitors to earn a few L$ got my full respect! Normally they only get back more Traffic and i believe very seldom new customers from games like those Hunts. And a big THANK YOU of course! 
And there a few out there... i visited great places like "Serenity Heaven" when they had their first fishing event, Magic River or genghis place, just to name a few. So its not all from you Keeblo ;-) : 

After the first week i earned 160,25 L$ with Gold Hunt - 209,2584L$ with Fish Hunt and bought worms for 228L$. So i had a Balance on my SL-Account from 113 L$ and a lot of worms in my bag. 



The first month

A little bit of additional income, besides the Fish Hunt and Gold Hunt, i had at the Potion Depot, when Keeblo migrated to another SIM and placed a Greedytable at his now larger shop. He offered daily winnings for the TOP3 there and so i took the chance and made a few first places and a few 2nd and 3rd places as long as he stayed on this SIM. Unfortunately for me he really soon moved back to the Buisness Park where the lag was too much and playing Greedy was no more fun... Anyway, huntig fish and coins/gems is enough income, even if i met a few nice people from around the world while playing greedy. Especially when a place  offers a x10 multiplier event, i only had 1 during my whole time on the way to the Deluxe Rod. Thanks to digitalbleh and his temp place "digital fishing", or the creative upside-down-version of it. 






The other weeks:

My bottom line:

1. having fun is most important, meet people from around the world!
2. If someone steals "your" coin/gem: it's your fault, not his, so dont blame him. If you were not in 3m range or too late to click its not the thieves fault (except in 1 case, read about it at #4) - overthink your hunting strategy.
3. Respect all people you meet (except in 1 case, read about it at #4), especially the landowners and the worm-farmes of course too.
4. During those nearly 11 weeks now i only met 1 person that didnt play fair. He was pushing my avatar away from a gem shortly before waiting time was over. When i realized what is happening i tried to go back to the gem and fix it in my view to click it but i was too late. He had stolen it already. Writing to him he declared he dont know what i was talking about... 
Poor guy, playing unfair and dont have the balls to stand for his bad behavior. And all for a few RL-Cent... 
So if you ever see F*ghtD*P*w*r Resident prowl around one of your gems/coins: be prepared for unfair actions. Oh, b4 i forget it: i wouldnt write it here if i couldnt give evidence of it ;-)!
5. So... now i am standing in front of a vendor and i am unsure... i dont really need this rod, so i send the L$ to my ALT and LH will be mothballed until i need him again. 

Have fun and stay healthy and show ραтιεηcε

P.S.: For all those cool places i couldn't give an appropiate tip: my ALT will do! He is rich now... ;-)

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dayz Short
September 15, 2013, 4:15 am -

\o/   hello! so good of you to take us on this trip with you - i must say I enjoyed the view from your side =)

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