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What motivates me to start our pilot program of fundraising for charity

Goldtokens Posted by in General - September 25, 2013, 2:33 pm


When I was a child I spent all my savings to buy a dog. He was so cute that children on the street always screamed his name when we took him for a walk and little babies always pointed finger towards the doggy. I cared a lot for that dog, he was my best friend and we had a lot of happy moments together.

Today I've grown up and in my best years when my brain cells split optimally fast and I can learn and absorb human knowledge fastest I ever will be able. Back then I knew that some day he'll grow old and he'll die. That thought did hurt but I'd tell to myself that science in few years will progress so much that we will be able to save him from getting old and keep him youthful for eternity. And if not then I'll do my best to grow so rich and powerfull to be able to buy science facilities and sponsor scientists and boost science on overall to find a solution that would stop and un-do biological aging.

I understand that there are limits of how many living beings this world can hold but there will be new solutions to expand this limits.

I am not rich and powerfull yet today and still working hard to get there. Maybe I'll never get there but at least on the way there to fulfill what I've set for as my life's mission I can somehow start trying to help animals and humans that are currenlty living on this world in this time.

This is why we started our pilot program for fundraising. I am sure we can save some animals and later humans and then later progress towards saving the society as a whole to take care for each other better. I am sure that as more and more people find out that they can set a % aside for charity this thing will grow and we will see how big it can grow.

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dayz Short
September 26, 2013, 12:14 am -


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October 6, 2014, 2:59 pm -

Most of us were not raised to be charitable by default and most of us at some point in life didn't have enough for ourselves. We need to learn to be charitable and we need to convince our friends to be charitable aswell - if we can do this together we will grow a force of good that won't stop growing.

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