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Noob Hunt needs more details!

Jabinggo Resident Posted by in Ideas - October 4, 2013, 6:06 am


I have an idea on the additions for the Noob Hunt Game, so it would be more appealing to players.

1. The site should have a name search bar for noob hunt participants. Most people don't even know they are already part of the hunt already.

2.  I think players should have more details on who their masters are as well as an option to leave the hunt and be able to be recruited by others. Because the main idea of this game is for masters to be able to help their apprentices, and not abuse the fact that they could just invite apprentices randomly and leave them alone after that.

3. Bonuses for Master-Apprentice are already acceptable in my opinion, an increase would be better and more appealing. However, I don't know if I really am earning 5% of their share as well as their 1% bonus of being part of the hunt. So it would be helpful to indicate additional information.

4. Additional information for master and apprentice should be added. For example: Length of apprenticeship, total earnings thru apprenticeship, etc.


I hope you consider this. Thank you. :)

EDIT: Most people misinterpret the noob hunt mechanics. From what I've read, the 5% Bonus bonus to the master does not come directly from the earnings of the Apprentice. The earnings of the apprentice only serves as a basis of the bonus that will be given by SecondAds. For example. If the Apprentice earns 100 L$. The master will earn 5% of it which is 5L$. The Apprentice earns a total of 101 L$ because of the 1% bonus for being an apprentice.

I hope this clears some things up. I would like to encourage the Masters to really help each and every apprentice to earn properly. Don't just teach them a few things and leave them be. Learn to take care of your people. It goes a long way. :)

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dayz Short
October 4, 2013, 5:38 pm -

hello. you presentsome good ideas here. We have a section called "suggestions" at our helpdesk department that these ideas should be sent to. Just pause your mouse on the 'home' tab above and scroll down to click the helpdesk optoin. The menu is easy to follow and your suggestions will be logged and documented into the proper place. Thank you for being a part of our community and keep the fresh ideas coming !  =)

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