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Ok to the Age old Question " How Long does It take a Normal person to work off the Deluxe rod?

Charmed Melody Posted by in General - October 8, 2013, 7:19 pm


Well this is my answer.

I got tired of asking and getting the "it all depends" answers. Or totally different answers from 2-3 months to 2 weeks etc well I decided to take you all on the journey with me this is Day 1 for me.... Mind you I had previously fished off a little of the rod prior to doing this blog post so I am going from this point on

Goal Total 3500(the cost of the rod)

I had fished for a few days before getting the deluxe rod as well as after getting it and worked off a total of 151.734122L of the rod before doing this blogging  for all of you out there add at least 1 or 2 days to this journey so you get the idea. And will update as I go.


So here we go ......

I once asked how long it took to fish enough fish to pay off the Deluxe Rod that you get from the contest and no one could give me a definitive answer so I took it upon myself to find out.
Most said a few months, which seems to me to be a bit ridiculous so I am going to see what fishing for 12 hours each day EVERYDAY at normal and multiplier events can do for me to help get the fishing done.

It is as of now I decided to purchase 100L worth of small worms so that I wouldn't have to worry about worms for a while and I already have the deluxe rod from the game and quest. I have fished some of it off already but I will be honest I was a little surprised when it was higher then the cost on the Marketplace but lets just see how this goes shall we???
At the Current Price of worms 100L got me 476 small worms which brought my total up to 496
Small Worms Exchange: You've successfully bought 476 small worms and you now have total of 495 small worms.
Day 1
I am starting out at a Multiplier event at Daisy Dukes (its a x2 at the moment) lets see what i fish up shall we?
Region had a restart right after i bought the worms there lol so had to wait just a lil but we shall see what i end up getting. I ended up going to another fishing hole at the bottom of the list to keep going.
Went to Noize Sektor at the very bottom and even though they are listed they have NO buoy OUT at all i wonder if they only put it out for events.??
Noize Sektor  - Nadda Zip Zilch
on to the next
Club Bingo and Double Cherry Nightclub - Again NO Buoy! these guys shouldn't even be listed if their buoys aren't out...*sighs* on to the next
Place 1 - Unico Mall - JLZ - Men and Women clothing, furniture - (finnally a dang buoy!) Lets start fishing!   
At the start i was -3348.265878L in debt with 494 worms
When i finished fishing here (44 casts later) i ended up with -3339.8004 in debt and 450 worms, 1 magic dust and 1 Alcrity potion..... so  a gain of 8.465478L for that land
Next Land is GAMES VALEUR - Lets see what we get!... Well would love to see what we would have gotten but they seem to have moved and the buoy hasn't been updated yet so on to the next!
.::Boolean Design::. 100% Mesh Design and Builds - Cant get there for some reason get the error 400 Bad Request.... but I've been a good girl *cries*
Place 2 - GCG Virtual Land @ Gainesville - Woot ! buoy AND Coins with in a few feet of the buoy so ca-ching!
At Start -3339.8004 in debt and 450 worms
45 Casts later I am at -3328.0336 in debt and have 414 worms....( i gained 9 from fishing lotteries) and 1 more magic dust..... So a gain here of 11.7668 L
And off to Pet Snake & Pet Spider, Wild Passion Butterflies - buoy was out of budget but the land looked nice but beware the land mark makes you land in the water and you cant fly out you will have to run to get back on land. Off to the next!
Place 3 - Destination DanceFloor - Nice little mall have to walk to get to the buoy bridge but its not that far.
At start -3328.0336 in debt and 414 worms
45 casts later -3313.41575 in debt and have 375 worms .... gained 6 worms from fishing lotteries.  So a gain here of 14.61785
CRANK IT UP KARAOKE & MALL - Gone! guess they moved but didn't put the new buoy down yet.
Rob Starfall    65536 sqm - 15000 Prim: 21995 L$/wk - STAND ALONE FULL PRIM SIM - no buoy ....Gah this is getting irritating... they need to be taken off the list!
Sapphire Kitty - Sim was gone completely.....
Crescent Heights - wasn't there the place is now called Winter Memories, butttt did find some coins lol so i stayed for a few minutes. At the end of that lil coin and Gem hunt i ended up being -3305.2158 in debt so a total of  8.19995 L gain! woot!
Welcome to Timeless Breedables! - No buoy and the place is now called Lynxette Animal Market.
**JODY'S RANCH & FARM MARKET - AUCTION HOUSE!!/BEST BREEDABLES! - Page wasn't working properly kept getting a "redirect error"
Victoria Chung Estates - Yay Buoy finnally BUTTTTT no budget GRRR
Place 4 - GCG Virtual Land Store @ Nokomis on the Floridia Sim - YAY finnally a place to fish again lol  AND COINS WOOOTTT
Started at -3305.2158 and 375 worms
49 casts later and coins lol  -3295.3815 L and 335 worms left  - lottery : 9 worms 1 bio waste 1 XP elixir 1 magic dust ..... Gain of 9.8343
Place  5 - -= The Dead Underground = -  - buoy is upstairs
Started with -3295.3815 L and 335 worms
45 casts later - -3284.1183 in debt and 305 worms - Lottery : 15 worms ....  11.2632 Gain
Place  6 - Untamed Designs - you land in the water next to the buoy but you can fly out
started with -3284.1183 in debt and 305 worms
45 casts later -3274.702547 in debt 269 worms - Lottery : 9 worms , 2 biowaste   9.415753L Gain
Blaze* - not sure why they have the * there lol - Maybe it means NO DAM BUOY!
Place 7 - malus lupus littore - yay A buoy! lets see what we get
Started with -3274.702547 in debt 269 worms
42 casts later -3265.19835 in debt 239 - Lottery - 12 worms 1 Alrcity potion 9.504197L Gain
Place 8 - Serenity Heaven Roleplay Clothing Mall and Dance Club - Coins and Buoy!!
Started  -3265.19835 in debt 239 worms
35 casts later -3243.9737735 in debt and 222 worms left - Lottery - 18 worms, 1 XP Elixir ..... so a 21.2245765 L gain
Place 9 - THE ABYSS - There are 2 buoys here !!! woot
Buoy 1 - Started out with -3243.9737735 in debt and 222
40 casts later -  -3233.7222 and 188 worms Lottery 6 worms, 1 biowaste .. gain 10.2515735
Buoy 2 - -3233.7222 and 188 worms  
45 Casts later -  -3220.4963235 and 152 worms - Lottery: 9 worms, 2 Magic dust... Gain  13.2258765 L
Place 10 - Exotic Games - Finnally got a shubbie so counting casts is going to be easier ! yay! thank you joeyboy starship for selling me one!! Great lil place the games here are where i can play later to help gain more lindens ..... if i am lucky lol...maybe i should stick to fishing lol.
Started out -3220.4963235 in debt and 152 worms will need to get magic dust and worms soon.
(went to make shubbie food and enter the weekly royal hunt (gah lost 20 worms :( for the shubbie food)
45 casts later Ended with -3207.6900235  and 103 worms left ill get worms next spot......Lottery 15 worms, 2 magic dust, 1 alcrity potion....a new thing that i never saw Proximo 2012  ... gain of 12.8063
Place 11 - The Double KK - Cute lil halloweenie spot
Started with -3207.6900235  and 103 worms
47 casts later...... -3196.6029735 and 65 worms left....Lottery Winnings - 1 Alcrity Potion, 1 biowaste, 9 worms.... a gain of 11.08705
Place 12 - NimZ Joint -
Started with -3196.6029735 and 65 worms
45 casts later..... -3187.227935  and 29 worms, Lottery 4 Biowaste, 9 worms, 1 magic dust... gain of 9.3750385 L

total Lindens = 161.037943
total lottery prizes for the day except for the fishing exp ones
Proximo 2012 - 1
XP Elixir - 2
Alcrity Potions - 4
Magic Dust - 8
Worms - 117
Biowaste - 8

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No partner not really looking for one At this time BUTTT who knows. I play Tiny Empires and got hooked on this. Just started today but will be doing this daily. Any help from people would appriceated. At the moment my "Gab" money 3L$ every 30 minutes ish is whats paying for my worms *sigh* trying to save up for worm farm. If you wanna donate i would apprieciate it! I'll even post thank yous to those that do.

Community Comments

dayz Short
October 9, 2013, 1:09 am -

=D helloooo Charmed !! So glad to see you actually are writing a blog on ths - and in all fairness readers - she neveh asked ME how long it takes LOL

Youre off to a great start =) I look forward to hearing more from you  \o/

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Questi Avril
October 15, 2013, 10:26 pm -

it would be handy to know how much XP you had when you started as this effects the amount gained (you seem to be gaining the amount i would gain on a X2 on a X1 with my current XP for example), and if your picking up coins you mention seeing as this is a variable

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Charmed Melody
October 19, 2013, 7:54 pm -

I started out at the bottom of the barrel I only fished for about 30 minutes if that before getting the delux rod / collecting coins at the same time. So far i am doing mostly x1 events as i started going to locations from the bottom of the list to the top..... I am doing day2 as we speak sorry its been a few days since i logged in to do this but have had some RL things to have to do as well..... and since you say that  my rank is a variable i will also as of tomorrow (day 3) start stating my starting rank and end rank as well at the end of the day.

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