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Plan to create biggest Virtual News Agency

Goldtokens Posted by in Announcements - October 18, 2013, 1:31 am



Our vision is to become the strongest force for growing the economy of Second Life. We're actively looking for ways to enhance the experience of Residents (to make it more fun for everyone) and provide healthy growth for virtual business. Our mission is to boost the economy and to increase virtual GDP of Second Life.


We have successfuly grown from a small advertising agency into a leading social game development company in Second Life. The size of our community can now be measured in tens of thousand of people. This would have never been possible without the efforts and cooperation of many people from players who enjoy the games, moderators who maintain piece and order, land owners who host the games and fuel the community growth.

We are in process of restructuring our virtual organization so that it can grow much much bigger. Our aim is to expand our organization to different fields of virtual activities and to connect different interest groups into a coherent whole. To help with the process  we're planing to open a news agency that will facilitate the production of news that will help our mission, business partners and our community as a whole.

Vision for our virtual news agency is to become biggest news provider in Second Life that will in time over-grow its scope. Main mission of our virtual news agency will be to propagate Second Life and all its activities to a wider world. We will showcase only the best that Second Life has to offer.


Our virtual agency will be organized in a way to give a chance to new people that are interested in the field of print and media. Editors will ensure quality control so the end product will be of high quality and in public interest.
How will this look like in practie?
We will have many writers and everyone from novice to expert writers will be given a chance to post theirs to us. Every week we all will organize a meeting where we'll sit together with our head editors who will be selected for position for their competences and we'll debate on what columns and articles to publish. 



Money should not be your 1st reason why you want to cooperate in a success story. The mission towards success in virtual publishing is our primary target to aim for. Everything else is secondary. Main source of income for our news agency will be from advertising, sponsorship and readers donations. At first rewards will be smaller which is normal for all startups in the world. Rewards will grow as we become more and more successful.


We are looking for everyone that would be interested to participate in the story of creating biggest and best organized virtual news agency in the history of virtual world.

We will soon create a special group in Second Life to invite everyone that is interested to cooperate. IM Wili Clip to get added.

Passionate about the idea? Start writing right now!
Write an article with your preferred column/topic on goldtokens blog. All articles will be considered to be published in weekly periodical.

Roles will be opened for:

  • Editors,
  • Writers,
  • Reporters,
  • Photographers,
  • Designers

We will need a lot of writers that will cover topics from different fields of virtual life:

  • Fashion
  • Role Pay
  • Games
  • Book review
  • Music
  • Humour
  • Gossip - virtual celebrities
  • Business
  • Virtual products
  • Virtual markets
  • Virtual Economics
  • Virtual Politics
  • Virtual Life
  • Virtual Education
  • ...All the other fields of public interests

Anyone can be a writer in our news organization. Not all articles will be accepted and we'll evolve some rules and pointing system. There will be selection of best articles that will get published in periodacle. If your article is not accepted you should not get discouraged. Keep writing and improving on your writing skills and topic selection.


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Community Comments

Serenxx Resident
October 25, 2013, 7:04 am -

oo  high 5 LOL

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Elliana Inkpen
November 5, 2013, 8:47 am -

Would be interest in writing about art and 3d buidling and mesh work. Have quite a few years exp in 3d art and programs used for mesh as well quite a few artist based networks with over 1000 members currently ... not a majority of just second life but all freelance, concept and digital artists primarily.

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October 6, 2014, 2:59 pm -

How to write as a journalist

Journalists write stories for their readers to tell them what is going on, to inform them, engage them, entertain them, shock them, amuse them, disturb them, uplift them. The subject matter will vary according to the nature of the publication and the intended audience.


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