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Worm Farms security flaw & planting process explained

Goldtokens Posted by in General - November 10, 2013, 6:10 pm


Farm planting and duration process

When you plant a farm and your farm shows 0% until finish a number that we call UNIX time number (harvest time) is already calculated. When you plant a farm an exact harvesting date for the farm is known and saved in our database on our server. Additional security just insures that you can not harvest your farm before the exact harvest date (that is stored in our database) is reached.

Now the conflict and missunderstanding that has caused it has arrived because worm farmers thinks that they have to wait longer to harvest their farms. We did not increase the farming time and we're not trying to cause pain for farmers or anything bad that some people think or would like to make other people to think.

I made a mistake to issue a critical update late in night without a prior public announcement. Doing it with letting public know beforehand would save us from conflict and bad speculations that some wili-haters want to use against Fish Hunt.

I want to apologize to everyone for my english language is very bad at 3 am in the morning when I am tired. That is why the message most farmers have received when they tried to harvest their farms is:

Your Farm has been subject of Second Life sim rollback and is not ready yet for harvesting..

Now when I am rested I've changed it to:

Due discrepancy between SL time and our web server time that logs exact harvesting time your farm shows that its ready for harvesting sooner then it should. Please again click in...

Why this discrepancy between sl time and our server time happens is not yet known and I will have to look into it. When adding security my 1st concern and goal was to keep worm farms functional so that all farmers can keep farming without downtime. Please respect and give me right to enjoy the Sunday without spending hours on this now. I will look into it as soon as humanely possible.


Nobody likes changes (we only make changes to protect the system and ensure its integrity, functionality and future):

I am aware that when changes happen in a product that is used by ten thousands of people many will be upset. Many will be upset even if the change happened with a purpose to fix something to prevent some bad aspect of game to escalate to the point where it could threaten the stability and survival of the system. Fish Hunt game has gone through many changes through its history. Changes when system was young and didn't have so many players and they didn't upset so many people and create a potential backslash and negativity. I understand that now when Fish Hunt is probably the biggest game in Seconf Life (in field of games that let players make lindens) different approach need to be taken when making changes. Before we change anything we need to address general playerbase and explain why the change, what good will it do and why its neccessary.

Why more security for worm farms:

As soon as I learned about certain security flaws in system due the how second life  server and our web server interact that would let worm farmers plant more then 1 farm with 1 breeding pack (we can assume that was happenign with water and biowaste farming materials too) I worked the remainder of the night to add more security to prevent this.

Now we can't call farmers who planted their farms too fast (faster then server could process the deduction of materials) which lead to materials in their account not being deducted as cheaters. I was a bit upset because noone else from worm farmers would come to me and say that this was happening before. Now when I learned about that I went and urgently made a change that adds more security and will hopefully prevent something like that happening in future.

I can't take worms from worm farmers away as I think that would not be correct and fair to all farmers. There were no cheaters and there is nobody we can blame. I also don't blame myself the creator of farming system because a lot of flaws in system are not and can't be the fault of programmer. Flaws in systems come to surface later when they system is already launched. This was such flaw (that we could only learn about when the system was in use and submited to stress on the server CPU). Now we don't have a large budget and we don't have a large team of developers that would submit the system to certain stresses and TEST it thorougly. Even large budget companies that pay a lot of money for that can not do it 100 % accurately. There is a reason why in avination field they often  use old software and hardware for new aeroplanes because old hardware and software has a certain milage and people learned how it reacts in different situations that it went through when it was used. A lot of people can die if plane crashes and for each crash there is an investigation carried out so that people in industry can learn what has caused, who is to blame for the crash and if in case of equipment failure some flaws need to be fixed so that it does not happen again in future. There is a great responsibility on system creators for that. A security flaw in avination industry can be the cause of great tragedies.

There is a rule in computer world that when a system has a flaw people will abuse it in some case even non intentionally. As Fish Hunt and farming system creators and lead administrator I am the only person that takes care for its integrity and survival. There is a great burdain on me and especially because many other successful entrepreneurs and startups have whole team of people taking care for day to day workings, administration and everything. I don't have that privilegie.

Most players don't understand what it takes to keep a system that servers for enjoyment to tens of thousands of players alive. It is easy to criticize and easy to come out with ideas and picture how things could be better. I understand that a lot of people envy the success Fish Hunt have. As the game success grows so does the amount of people that hate me for various reasons that can be invented and there are more and more peopel that want to disrupte the business. It has been happening to all the people that grew any major success in Second Life and I've accepted that this is how it is in virtual world. It is not a safe environment and eventhought you can not be physically damaged by anyone you can be emotionally hurt by others that hurt your reputation of business. It can hurt more then in rl a backstabb with a knife would.

I am just an ordinary person that wants to do great things in life and NOT some buerocratic business corporation with evil board of directors planing to submit whole world into forced slavery by patenting the right to grow your own healthy organic food:

Lately there are more and more people that have somekind of personal grudge against me. There have even been attempts to create a community around the idea of hating Wili Clip (they come under different names) I call them wili haters. Hatred is such a strong emotion and a lot of people that live a mundain life have a strong urge to hate something or someone. Our world unfortunately isn't as it should be and many countries are in economic crisis with growing problems of rasism and nationalizm. We need to fight against urges to feel angry as public anger is often abused and directed agaisnt inoccent groups of individuals. I ask people to love and charish things rather then hate. If anyone has any missunderstanding or conflict with me please IM me when I am available and we'll discuss it through and solve the conflict.
Often when working to keep everything together and making sure the games future is ensured so that it doesn't day (for a day of game over to never come) I find myself emotionally exhausted and many times I need my own time to feel that I have some personal space. I just can not accept to go to bed with fear that someone will start with a drama or negative PR campaign against product or any aspect of the product /service. Often those happens becuase of missunderstanding.
I ask everyone not to start any heated discussions and calling others to join any protests for reasons that are not based on any factual information or missinformations while I am gone and unable to respond and provide facts.

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Community Comments

SoieFlora Resident
November 11, 2013, 2:02 am -

Thank you for fixing this bug.  I know some aren't happy about the changes affecting them and lash out at you.  The problem with bugs is that people exploit and tell others and not the mods themselves.  I came forward with the bug to help all and not hurt anyone.  It was a very nasty exploit and needed to be taken care of.  I gained nothing but self respect by coming out with it.  Honesty in this is what is needed to grow the community.  I think things are just really hectic with all the changes causing stress.  Once it settles down we can all go back to enjoying a peaceful time fishing and gold hunting.  Hugs to Wili and the rest of the hunters.

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