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Ideas for GT games.

Charmed Melody Posted by in Ideas - November 13, 2013, 1:47 pm


For Royal Fish Hunt - Limit the number of royal potions that are usable per day to 5-10 perday to make it fair for all playing.

Fish Hunt -

If the bouy is in danger of being out of funds a Message is sent to the bouy owner stating that their bouy is about empty (with in lets say 50L)

If the Bouys are empty they get taken off the "random on thehud" and off the website .....and if they are empty for To long (lets say 24 hours ) they start to lose their ranking slowly. This helps to keep the bouy owners to keep up on their bouys.

All bouys have the board and capabilitys for the Local Fish pots that way its more of a draw for bouy owners.

A hud to tell ppl where they have fished or haven't AND a way for ppl to program their "favorite fish spots" in that way if you have certain bouys you like to hit each day you can just click to go, instead having glitchy note cards that may or may not work.

to help stop alot of the "sorrys" make a 3 second delay in casting so that when your in crowded areas there is less chance of you getting the sorry message.

Reduce the taxes on selling the fish and other materials.  95% is a bit steep...... most can understand 50% tax even 70% but 95% is wayyy to much.

Potions have a way of "combining potions" like lets say 2 smalls make a medium potion.....2 mediums make a large......2 large make a XL to reduce the number of potions laying on the ground or prims used. Same with shubbie Food ..... make them Combinable as well so that if some one wants to buy like lets say 5,000 spoonfulls they dont have to buy 5 things they just need to buy 1.

A way for in the hud to report a bouy NOT on the property there have been many times i go to a link and the place has moved and the links have not been updated cause they have not replaced the bouy down some where else this will save alot of confusion.....and if the bouys are reported as gone by X number of people it gets pulled from the GT site as a "missing" bouy that way people dont accidentally go there.

Allow ALLL rods to let you be able to sit down and not be a ridged board.... not everyone can afford the magic rod.....the ao over riding is quite anoying expecially when alot of the places that have the fishing bouys DO have great areas to sit down and be out of other peoples ways when fishing.

Shubbies -

Let them split as many times as they level to 32. AND make them beable to be un-bound so that others can be able to buy them/sell them.

After split they give more fishing Xp

  • 1st split - Blue give 2xp per cast...green 6.... red 10
  • 2nd split - Blue give 4xp per cast ... green 12.... Red 20
  • 3rd split - blue = 8..... green 24..... red 40   
  • If you put the optional infinate splits of the shubby I would not give anymore bonus XP after the 3rd split cause it would result in influx of way to much XP into the game and would make it a unfair advantage to others.

Farm Frenzy

Allow water to be purchased wtih GT as well.

Allow farms to "level up" and as they level give more worms.

  • lvl 1 - 50 = 100 worms (per pack)
  • lvl 51 - 100 = 120 worms (per pack)
  • lvl 101 - 150 = 140 worms (per pack)
  • lvl 151 - 200 = 160 worms (per pack)
  • lvl 201 - 250 = 180 worms (per pack)
  • lvl 251 - 300 = 200 worms (per pack)
  • lvl 301 - 350 = 220 worms (per pack)
  • lvl 351 - 400 = 240 worms (per pack)
  • lvl 401 - 450 = 260 worms (per pack)
  • lvl 451 - 500 = 280 worms (per pack)
  • lvl 501 - 550 = 300 worms (per pack)

Each Harvest gets you +1 xp PER FARM not just in the person's xp but the farm itself. Also a new Potion called "fertalizer" to help boost the XP of the farm by +4 each harvest.

Making the farms levelable like this will help bring down SOME of the cost on the worms as you can get more worms as your farm levels up till it eventually maxes out at lvl 550 which would help those that are farming JUST to farm to help us fishers they can inturn sell the worms at a lower cost to the fishers, as well as help the people who buy the farms recoupe their cost back faster for the farms at current rates the farmers are only getting 23-24L per 100 worms (200 max per week) = 46-48L a week, it will take them 2years to recoupe the Ls on the just the cost of the farm, materials to farm, as well as the taxes charged to sell the worms, and thats only after they've sold every worm. Doing this will encourage more players to farm either for their own worms and sell the extras.

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No partner not really looking for one At this time BUTTT who knows. I play Tiny Empires and got hooked on this. Just started today but will be doing this daily. Any help from people would appriceated. At the moment my "Gab" money 3L$ every 30 minutes ish is whats paying for my worms *sigh* trying to save up for worm farm. If you wanna donate i would apprieciate it! I'll even post thank yous to those that do.

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Charmed Melody
November 14, 2013, 2:30 am -

Thought of another Idea for the Gold Coin hun. Instead of going semi transparent when the coins are out of Budget make them go a odd color like maybe a Neon yellow or Black that way ppl know that ok i can pass that one up and move on to the next.

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