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Welcome to the age of Virtual Worlds

Goldtokens Posted by in Announcements - March 28, 2013, 12:39 pm


Lets explain a bit about the group of people behind Goldtokens community and our mission to build biggest gaming community in history of virtual worlds.


It is year 2013 and the INTERNET technologies have been evolving and been improved for 44 years now. Internet is collection of internet protocols (rules designed by briliant human minds intended for public domain use) for transfering DATA and INFORMATION all over the world. 

INTERNET is a human invention that has started a new cultural revolution. It is changing our lives and the whole world faster than any other human invention in whole of human history. It affects the whole of human kind. Never before has information flow been so fast and fast consumed than today. Information is knowledge and information helps to transcendent human mind. The transcendenting effect of information we consume changes us, our perspective about ourselves and about the world and others around us. Speed of information is so fast and it is so far reaching that it seems like magic to us.

Main motive behind goldtokens is and advancement of players through a game where people develop real social and economic skills. We are living in the times when information technology is taking over our lives and is helping us to become a better human.

Welcome to the age of Virtual Worlds.


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