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Levels at which an Ice Shubbie for Gold Hunt Split

Goldtokens Posted by in Breedables - November 15, 2013, 12:18 am


There is an oversupply of Ice Shubbies on 2nd hand market which devalues them and makes it harder for Gold Hunters who split their Ice Shubbie to find a buyer for it. When hunters collect high valued coins and gems they level up their Ice Shubbies really fast and splits are happening too often.

To balance the time and effort a hunter needs to spend to reach the Ice Shubbie split to become similar to time and effort of Fishe'rs Water Shubbies we have increased the level for Ice Shubbies 1st split to level 35.  2nd Split happens when next 20 000 Ice Shubbie XP is reached since 1st split and 3rd Split happens after another 30 000 Ice Shubbie XP is reached since  2nd split.

This will help to balance the market for Ice Shubbies so that players who split them will be able to sell them faster.
In next few days we will do additional measurements and make some adjustments to make sure this will be the case 

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Community Comments

dayz Short
November 28, 2013, 11:38 pm -

Thank you for providing this information Wili. In the past, people were able to calculate for themselves the splits xp and corresponding levels using the chart we provide forxp levels. The owners of ice shubbies would like to do this also and need to know what the xp range amount is for level 35. Thank you \o/

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