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Leaving and will not be a part of any clan in the future

brattybish Resident Posted by in The Potheads - November 25, 2013, 1:41 am


It greatly saddens me to see what things have become as opposed to what this clan was originally started for I have watched many situations that never should have occurred. This clan was started with the pure intention of everyone being supportive making plans and strategies to better the clan and every ones fishing experience. It was started to be the top clan of grabbing the fish pots. Changes do not mean the end of a good thing they are simply a new challenge to face. When this clan was started that is exactly how things were seen new challenges. Now rather than finding ways to stay on top everyone is discussing finding another fishing game which is all fine and good. But I am so disappointed in the fact no one has any interest in finding ways to get better at the new changes. A lot of people come to SL in search of something fun to do when all you have time for is game drama and complaining it is no longer fun. I understand people have opinions we all do but I am tired of the fact that i have tried w each new change in lgh to find ways we can still be competitive and yet am completely ignored and even ripped by top members of the clan. This is not based on one incident. I know for a fact one of the elders turned in clan chat over a discussion ongoing about point systems in lgh fishing when said elder refused to listen to facts and stats it became an issue of the elder simply saying the clan member was dumb. And yet even with the elder being in the wrong because said eleder had not learned the facts before actually being given the position of elder it was presented to other elders as if the clan member was trying to cause trouble when it was only info to help others gain more points. Thats only one incident there are many others that have even brought LGH mods into watching clan members as well as elders for many issues. Therefore I want no part of nor will i support a group that behaves in such a way especially when this is not what it was started for. 

I have basically been called a "Wili supporter" well yes i am he created the game you all play and gain linden from ...no he is not perfect no one is. But knowing what i do know about changes being made by Wili and for what reasons I have still tried to motivate and help others see a new future in LGH. Instead I am made out to be "emo" or a trouble maker .....thank you so much I appreciate that considering i am supportive of everyone i encounter in LGH clan or not. I wish you all well.....considering what Mystic has had to say I am no longer welcome and i am fine with that.

[16:49] Second Life: Incoming message from Mystic Glenwalker
[16:51] Mystic Glenwalker: Im not sure whats up..  we have always been friendly toward each other..  Potheads clan chat all goes.. including how people feel about willi.. including myself.  If you arent happy with the way clannies including myself talk in here.. perhaps sweepers is a better fit for you.  Because in our clan they use it as a sounding board and I would rather have them bitching in our group then doing it in LGH chat and getting in trouble
[16:54]  ℛαɗɧα Åίɗℯℯɳ (brattybish): interesting because it was started as a clan of mutual support w goals of grabbing pots and having fun of having better strategies than the others yet all anyone wants to do is complain ......i think complaining about a change that potentially means more money for fishers and clan is a bit sad honestly and why do you suggest sweepers specifically much less suggest i leave?
[16:56] Mystic Glenwalker: We do have alot of run..  and yes they can use it to bitch in. thats what our clan chat is about.  Why do I suggest Sweepers?  vecause its a group of Pro Willi and PG stuff.. this chat people enjoy having free reign to say how they feel or what they are thinking.  If you are unhappy with that then I wouldnt want you to be stuck somewhere you arent.
[16:57] Mystic Glenwalker: *happy

just done ..BrattyBish 

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Dedicated to Dalcimer Rl and Rp and always will be, have known him since we were kids, he has put my heart back together so many times and this last time said thats it i wont see you hurt anymore, I love him more than life itself so dont bother , just saying. We fish a lot and hang out with friends when he isnt on im finding ways to make more linden to support our fishing habbit lol ......love to fish rl as well... I design in imvu and hope to start designing here soon as well 

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