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Remove Biowaste Buy Order function is implemented and Biowaste Bid or Market Buy Order explained

Goldtokens Posted by in Announcements - December 17, 2013, 2:40 pm


There are 2 different ways of buying Biowaste for your worm farms:

1) Buying bellow currently ongoing market price (cheapest way of getting biowaste)

You can set up a biowaste buy order through inworld Biowaste Container. A biowaste buy order (bid) is a market order where you as a buyer set the quantity of biowaste (100 or 1000 units)  and desired price for it. Higher priced your biowaste buy order is then faster it will get filled by a fishers that want to sell their biowaste instantly (without using biowaste market sell orders).

When the market price of biowaste is for example 1.14 L$ per unit of biowaste you can set a buy order for 100 units at price 0.70 L$. When fishers that want to sell their biowaste instantly sell their biowaste using [Sell] button on biowaste container you obtain 100 biowaste at 0.70 L$ per unit.


2) Direct buy or buying at currently ongoing market price (more expensive way)

If you need to get your biowaste quickly or in small amounts you can right click biowaste container and pay L$ in it. This way you will get Biowaste at currently ongoing market price (lowest price at which fishers who through a market sell order [Sell Order] are selling their biowaste).


We have added a function that lets you remove your market buoy orders of biowaste. When you set a market buy order for biowaste L$ for it get reserved from account. Often a buyer needs to update their buying price to set it higher or lower. Using remove biowaste buy order function that is now possible.


How to remove your biowaste buy order:

To remove Biowaste buy order:
1) Log into http://www.goldtokens.net
2) Visit http://www.goldtokens.net/account/finances
3) Remove Biowaste Buy order by clicking Remove order.

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