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Snuffles ->sunflowers->coin hunting->Shubbies->fishing->worms

Jisper Darkfold Posted by in Personal - January 4, 2014, 9:37 pm


Well folks, I don't expect to be blogging often. I tend to be sporatic at stuff like this.

I got my first look at snuffles because I spotted the sunflowers on MP. As a Meeroo and Fennux owner - I love the idea that you can grow food for the Snuffles. SOOO - I got a pair. then I got another - and I'm up to 5 pairs now. Yay go me. BUT - I still need to feed them, and I still like the idea of sunflower farms.

So - I started coin hunting with the idea that I would save up the 4K needed for a sunflower. Along the way I got an Ice Shubbie, and my friend who fishes suggested that she and I trade shubbies when both of ours split. Of course on further inspection I discovered the sunfowers need biowaste and my best bet to get that is to fish - with a deluxe rod.

Eh - I'm fishing now, and earning pretty good L doing it, although I'm under by 3K on the rod, yet - well not totally - more like 1800.  I'm ok with that, my Husband bought me a nice fishing pole and I'm having fun so he goes "put the 1200 you've earned to the sunflower you want" - heh.

I think though I'm going to get a small mesh worm farm first - just makes sense if I am fishing alot to have one for personal use.

Yep -I'm hooked, and it looks like the Snuffles give me what I need to feed my shubbie, while the cycle and recycle takes care of itself... Yay.


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Jisper Darkfold

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Archon and Elder Dragon of BellaMorte Bloodlines Clan,Master to Kitkat Darkfold, Dessia Darkfold, Aaron Jace Williams and Shaylynn Dara Healy,  Father to Neveah Lacombe Darkfold, Akasha Ixtar, and Dakota Adasia, Family is everything, the rest is gravy.

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dayz Short
January 5, 2014, 6:03 pm -

\☺/   Hello !   happy to see youre finding your way, and  happier still that you like what you see along the way. I like two main points your blog makes -  the inter-connectedness of the goldtokens game components, and the choices one has with wether to combine the parts into a whole or to continue on one chosen path. The best part being, of course, that regardless of how you choose to play, you can still have fun, be a part of the community, and in the end make a small profit. The options just allow you to get that end result faster. Welcome, once more, to our community.  ☺v

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Jisper Darkfold
January 8, 2014, 5:26 am -

I wanted to mention that the sunflowers give 650 plus your experience points in seeds to a cap of 1000 points. With the price of seed being .035 or below most of the time, 650 seeds doesn't feed very many snuffles for a day. I am hoping that some adjustment will be made to the price and the volume to make the 4K for the farm a better investment. At the current rate it'll take me 80 days and an extra 1600L just to cover the cost of one flower and I will still need to buy seed from the exchange for my snuffles. So I'm not unhappy with the flower persay - but something is broke in the formula and correction needs to be made here.

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