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First Royal Fish Hunt experience and observations

Jisper Darkfold Posted by in General - January 8, 2014, 5:04 am


Well part of my snuffle raising is sunflower growing. Of course to do this I need Biowaste. I can get bio from either buying it or fishing it up. Since buying it cost about 1L a unit or over to buy outright, and fishing cost about .25 (the cost of a small worm) and some luck I've been fishing for it.

Now - getting 5 bio a day I need requires a fair amount of fishing, this is true, but I am up to the point where between some luck and a fishpot or 2 and the royal contest I can get 100L a day or so. I'm pulling 300L every 3 days at the moment on average between fishing and coin hunting, and that's not too bad an effort. I hear this amount will go up the higher I rank and I am still climbing fishing ranks pretty fast.

My experience with the royal fish hunt was a lot more pleasant then the royal coin hunt. Anyone who has done both knows hunting coins is a greedy affair - the top players want it all for themselves and will run, fly, or do whatever else they can to get all the coins clicked as fast as possible. Since I refuse to run, and wait by each coin I click, I suppose I am not competitive enough to pull off the thousands upon thousands of royal coin hunt points that others mananage.  The royal fish hunt is far more social - Yes, higher ranks wil do better and score better because they fish faster, faster fishing means more casts per time frame and more areas hit perday - so more points. BUT- it's a socal thing, you can fish with friends and you're not usually going to worry so much about taking *all* the fish for yourself, since the points are per cast.

For any who are wanting to do the Royal hunts - my advice is to enter early, aim for the middle of the pack and remember - if you win over 10L you are gaining on your investment.


edit - free to join since the LL changes - so just click, fish, and enjoy the extra L if you manage any.

Peace and have fun.


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