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Some fish hunt statistics from a novice fisherman. :)

MalkierKing Resident Posted by in Fish Hunt - January 12, 2014, 4:50 am


Hello all!

This will be my first blog post in this community. Please excuse my english, I'll try to be as clear as I can for the sake of your reading experience. :)
So, I've always been very good at keeping stats for almost everything I do on my PC, including my Fish Hunt experience so far. The data that I've compiled is not a lot but I want to share it with hope that it would be helpful for novice fishermen like me and even for someone a little bit more experienced. I'll also appreciate some advice from more experienced players on the future (leveling) of Fish Hunt and how the profits scale. :)

My stats are the following:

15 full runs on only 1x multiplier with a Deluxe Rod on credit and ~6,000 starting Fish Hunt XP (~3,000 place in the Leaderboard)

Total fish hunted: 662

Total small worms used: 462

Total experience: 6311 (the xp after the 5th run is like 3x or 12 per fish)

Gross profits: 131,15 L$

Biowaste: 13

The number of fish that can be caught in one fish buoy are min 41/max 45.

From the 662 fish I've managed to fish up, I caught small worms exactly 67 times which put the chance for small worms almost exactly at 10%.

From the 662 fish I caught 13 biowaste putting the chance for biowaste at ~2%

Let's put some average numbers in here and a conclusion on my hunt:

Average XP per caught fish: ~9,53xp/fish

Average $L per fish: ~0,20 L$

Average $L per small worm: ~0,284 L$

With the average current price of small worms which is around 0,24 L$ my profits per caught fish are:
131,15 L$ - (462 x 0,24 L$) = 20,27 L$

20,27 L$ / 662 = ~0,03 L$ per fish caught

If it took you an average time of 1 min to catch a fish, you are going to net around 1,8 L$ per hour fishing with my current rank and experience. If we include the biowaste (given that you have pro or deluxe rod) you will make approximately 1 L$ more per hour if you sell it at the ask price.

Since I don't have any idea what would be my profit when I climb up the ranks, for now my conclusion is that it's not very profitable but still is above break even which is good. That means that you can level up your fish rank without spending any money and even making some in the process. Of course my data is not sufficient to draw any strong conclusions, just some idea of what will be your approximate profits when you first start up your Fish Hunt journey.

I hope you will find this data if not helpful at least a little bit interesting. :)




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MalkierKing Resident

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Just an everyday 24 years old guy killing spare time fishing in virtual worlds. :)

Community Comments

dayz Short
January 13, 2014, 12:33 am -

hello =) and welcome to our fish hunt community. I am glad you have discovered what more seasoned fishers already know. There is a way to spend enjoyable hours, make new friends, and make a little money on the side.  Have fun on your journey to higher xp!

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October 6, 2014, 2:59 pm -

Per each successful fishing cast (that takes 1 worm) you get +1 fish. Basically 1 fish per cast and never more then 1 fish per cast (worm spent).
You caught total of 662 fishes when you only spent 462 small worms.

From your stats:
Total fish hunted: 662
Total small worms used: 462

This can only mean that you got 200 extra small worms through lottery :)

Nice stats. It is nice to confirm our own measurements and analysis through which we wanted to ensure nobody looses any money from fishing, just gains.

Higher Fishing EXP helps at better fishing profit.

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mahajan344 Resident
March 16, 2015, 8:40 am -

Hi Goldtoken,

Could you please provide approximate stat with small worms and how much fishing experience is needed for better linden earning..

I mean currently I have 8k exp and rank about 3400 .. how much more exp i need for better earning ?




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