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Breakdown of my Weekly Fishing Routine

Kaiyita Kytori Posted by in General - January 15, 2014, 5:30 pm


I find this to be most useful in gaining the most L$s during the week and then gaining the most XP during the weekend if you agree or do some thing close to this leave a comment below :)

Starting from Monday till the weekend i fish with small worms, as i farm for them my self and always setting up a new farm every time i can harvest a new one, i do this to earn as much L$s as i can going to many Multiplier events and fish pots as i can so that i can be ready for the weekend... during the week i collect all the Pet Alacrity Potion and save them, i also do as many gold rushes as i can to earn even more L$s so i can do the next phase...

When i see the notice for double XP weekend thou i switch off of small worm and gets Enchanted worms, using all the L$s i earned during the week from fishing and doing gold rushes and also use all the Pet Alacrity Potion.. i buy about 800 to 1200 L$s worth in Enchanted worms that does not always last thou but you can spend what you want on worms, so with the lower cast time of the enchanted worms with the Pet Alacrity Potion my cast time is for the most part under 20 seconds allowing me to finish at a buoy much faster letting me gain the most XP as i can, i some times also buy a bunch of XP potions to help with the extra +5 XP points... if i have any money left from working hard during the week i buy pet XP potions as well to help it boost its XP as well

i sometimes need to buy more Enchanted worms during the weekend but i will earn it back during the week so it does not affect me much, you may find it useful

if you can make your own potions you would save about 20 to 30 L$s per potion as a side note so you will be able to do every thing and still save money on potions a bit

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My name is Kaiyita Kytori, I started sl way back in 2003 near the birth of sl, and in that time i had jumped ships on a few avatars here and there, never any thing bad, change is always good and also is a fresh start here and then, much like most computer geeks like my self do reinstall their OS, but any way, i am here in sl to make friends and have a blast, i love helping others and doing my part to make every one a little bit happier then they already are, i am free to talk most of the time

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