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Potions crafting & Potion Bottles Rework idea

Kaiyita Kytori Posted by in Ideas - January 18, 2014, 2:07 am


i have crafted a few of my own potions and having to buy a new Recipe every time i want to make a potion.... rez it out and click on it to use it... every time one by one seems to be really annoying for me and i have not made more then 10... but i buy 50 packs of potions from people and i really feel sorry for all the time they sit there and click.. click.. click...

Why is there a Recipe needed ? why do you need to buy it.. then rez it... and click on it to make it work ? why not just cut that part out, say that A Recipe cost 30$Ls per each one, wouldn't it be that much easier if we just were able to pay the cauldron the amount of potions we wanted to make x the amount the price of the Recipe...

1 Potion Recipe cost 30L$s so if i wanted to make 10 potions instead of having to buy 10 Recipes and rez them all and click on them one by one... why cant i just pay the cauldron 300L$s.. **witch is the price of 10 Recipes if they cost 30L$s each** no more would we need to buy them and rez them... just like i said cut that out and make it like this would make it a faster process for potion crafters, there may be a problem with the delivery due to lag some may say, that is nothing a 2 to 5 second delay between each potion being sent to the crafter wont fix.. another thing that can be changed is the need for a inworld potion bottle.. why is there no market on the GT website for buying potions and having them put on your account with out the need to rez it out, there is a way to put money into your GT account so getting the money for the potions would not be hard at all, if you are like me and buy a lot of potions then just put that money you use for potions into your GT account and buy them off a market page on the GT website, this would allow people to sell their potions to every one at all times.. not just to people who visit a fishing hole that has them for sale and then if they are boxed have to go to another Sim to unbox it, potions that would be sold over a market style page on the GT website would work the same as the potions work at the moment inworld, just much easier to sell and buy and use

also it would be nice to turn the potions on and off when you don't want to use them at the time, its some thing i wish i could do at times for different reasons.. just would be nice.

and another thing i would love to see is multiple potion charges... like instead of having to buy a 50 pack of potions and rezzing out 50 bottles.. why not have a set amount that can be bundled together.. so 5,10,25,50,100,200... the potions would cost the same amount to make and same amount of L$s to sell to others, just less Verification licenses needed as you could turn 50 Verifications into one ... with just one potion bottle that has just the same amount as 50 potions in one and if a market for the potions could be made on the GT website that would also cus down on problem with copybotted/gltiched potion bottles being spread around due to LLs server bug like there was a few years ago, so it would help more then just one side of the field

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My name is Kaiyita Kytori, I started sl way back in 2003 near the birth of sl, and in that time i had jumped ships on a few avatars here and there, never any thing bad, change is always good and also is a fresh start here and then, much like most computer geeks like my self do reinstall their OS, but any way, i am here in sl to make friends and have a blast, i love helping others and doing my part to make every one a little bit happier then they already are, i am free to talk most of the time

Community Comments

dayz Short
January 19, 2014, 12:19 am -

I hear you, and it would seem alot of work - so before you go through all that to craft a large order of supplies for use or sale, check with as Wili - I believe he sells recipes that will produce potions in larger amounts. I'm not sure what increments or pricing but that area has been covered and provided for. =)

i would like to have an on/off switch too!   \o/

Market on the GT website? Our crafters make the profit by selling their potions and powders, what would happen if we took that ability from them by doing this? There is already a website that they do use to sell their craft - on marketplace. Please check the following links out. Those are our players items they have crafted and now sell for your convenience. \o/






your ideas are solid, but most are already implemented in one form or another. Sometimes what we wish for is already there, it is simply a matter of asking =)

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Kaiyita Kytori
January 20, 2014, 6:28 pm -

well if there was a way to buy it off the GT website and have it already added to my account with out having to rez and click... i could buy potions on any sim and not have to leave it because i cant rez on it.. i could always just wear them and click them... then take it off and delete it.. but wili told me he didnt want us to do that.. he said he wants us to rez and click.. so that just makes it a bit harder if i buy a box of multipal potions and have to rez it to then get them out.. then i got to rez each potion and click on it.. meaning if i do that on a sim i cant rez on.. ill have to leave and come back... if we could buy them on the website and have them added right away with out having to do the rez and click... it would help some people buying potions all the time.. like me and a few others.. they would still make the money from selling the potions but it would be added to their GT account as L$s earned.. so they would still make the money for selling the potions.. and if any one wanted to buy potions from it they could just use the L$s in their account or put L$s into their account from the fresh water vendor near the crafting hut.. idk i just thought it would be some thing great that would help.. it would help people buy and load potions when they cant rez.. it would help potion crafters when they have limited to no land/prims... and if i think about it some people rent a stan to sell potions on.. they are paying rent for that... so aside from making L$s from the potions they are paying rent... so they are losing some money... selling on the GT website and having no need to rez them inworld and rent a inworld stall.. would be nice.. i mean you can put them on a casper vender or on marketplace but its a little annoying to have to add one of each potion for the number of potions you crafted into the drop box for Marketplace or drop box for the casper/hippo vendors inworld... so it would be cheaper for them and less work for all the potions they craft... and not only that but the L$s they pay for rent could be paid to be able to sell their potions on the GT website... so thats ther as well.. im just saying this would be great

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dayz Short
January 21, 2014, 1:26 am -

I see what you're saying and hear the frustration over a conveniant way to add the potions - when we need to fish, we need to fish now! LOL...I am the same way. But for the most part, finding a way to add them isn't as important as giving the crafters a very inexpensive means of selling their items. On that I think we both agree. If you watch LGH chat much, you will see that many times crafters post their items for sale in there. These are the crafters using the best vehicle for displaying their items - no cost advertising that reaches the widest spread largest coverage of fishers and hunters at a time. Usually the potions you see displayed on sims are those for sale by the sim owner or by a renter of land that has to pay the land rent anyway. Often times the items will be placed out by clan members, who get their land free...as the Sweepers and other clans do at Business Park. So the cost is far less than what you imagine, thankfully. =) Perhaps in time Wili will implement something along the lines of what you suggest, having autoload potions sounds cool. =)  I do think marketplace is good for website sales but thats just my own opinion. see ya in-world \o/

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