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How to quickly improve your ranking

MileyEragon Resident Posted by in Gold Hunt - February 2, 2014, 3:13 pm


Hello everybody smiley!!

I managed to drop from 17 thousands something in ranking  to the rank of 1926. 1    ======>(in three-four  days time)

TOTAL HUNT XP: 762 (+2)

Your alltime rank: 1914. 1 XP


...I did that by  following those simple Steps which  include:

1.enlightenedNever miss a Gold Rush event ever.(in fact it is just an advice but I miss alot of them because I hate that crowd)...

2.enlightenedSet a time for your gold hunt.... if you managed to do that , then sure your rank  will be in  199 list in a month or even a week time...

3.enlightenedUse your hud to go to a different places

4.  I go to places for gold hunting, but due to their strict rules(because I am wearing a child  avi),I set my daily hunting on Business park sim, I jump in from time to time * many times (2-4 times) per daily* to hunt coins.Each player is allowed to click on the same Coin once every :

0.05: One click every one  hour

0.10: per player: it allows one click every two hours

0.50:allows a click per 12 hours

1:00 :  it is a click per  24 hours i think

5enlightened.Dont think that the 0.05 coin does not make a difference, because when you look at your hunting experiennce ...Yes IT DOES influence  your rankinggggggggg level ...

6.enlightenedclick on all the coins you see within the land

7.enlightenedBussiness PARK sim : one thing to highlight about this sim, the more you click on coins from one side,, the more coins will be rezzed on the other side

also which isthe same: the more you stay there, the more coins you will find....

An advice to take when you are hunting gold there: Always keep an eye behind you when you are hunting coins  (because you may miss a 1L$ coin that just rezzed behind you and you didnt see it O.O)


8. Have a Happy Gold Hunting Timeyes ....

A Note: I hope all the landowners put a *NO Stealing Rule* on their sim just to make the game FAIR ENOUgh....

Another Note to landowners:  pfffffff......if you gonna put the LM of your sim on the GH hud , put the exact point of the hunt location, and not the location that will  rez and  throw  the hunter on the air of the outer space....just sayin blaaa hehehe


==========================Hope this helps the new Gold Hunters...====================================



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