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Gold Hunt Automated Land Ranking Algorithm

Goldtokens Posted by in Announcements - February 11, 2014, 1:48 am


I wanted to share some insights into how our Gold Hunt ranking algorithm works.

A lot of time and energy was put into creating an automatic algorithm for Gold Hunt Lands that is well balanced. It needs to reward top performers while at the same time it must not neglect everyone else who is participating and give chances to all the new Gold Hunt Lands that are joining the game.

ranking algorithm

Gold Hunt Ranking algorithm is independent and treats all lands equally. Every land is subject of same dynamicaly processing algorithm.  

A good and balanced Gold Hunt Land ranking algorithm needs to reward all the Gold Hunt Lands based on hunting activity that goes on land. In general lands where there are more coins collected daily are rewarded with more land points and higher rank which leads to higher daily traffic from hunters. The activity or number of coins collected on Gold Hunt Lands can fluctuate through time and the land rank algorithm changes the Gold Hunt Land Points dynamically considering all aspects.

Gold Hunters Votes on Gold Hunt Vote Station can help to increase land points while a lot of empty coins on land have a negative impact.
Coins on land if left empty will negatively impact Gold Hunt land rank and reduce the Gold Hunt Land Points automatically thus reducing the inflow of traffic of Gold Hunters players.

Make sure you have your Gold Hunt Vote station correctly set and if you're unsure you can always IM one of our moderators to come and check it for you and ensure its set correctly. Each Gold Hunt land has a web profile page on Goldtokens that you can use to share additional information with players.

If as a land owner you can't afford to fund as much its always good to pick up the extra coins rather then leave them empty. Make sure you always keep a lot of lower value coins they help your land rank and Gold Hunt Players who are training their Ice Shubbie pets + when gold hunters see a lot of coins they are more inclined to vote on vote stations. Also make sure there are few coins around vote station as it can help remind a player to vote.

While it is true that hight value coins and gems give a bit more Gold Hunt Land points one must not neglect all the lower value coins which can also significantly boost Gold Hunt Points and improve Gold Hunt Land Rank.

I hope I have helped with sharing some insight into our automatic goldhunt land rank grading and algorithmic allseeing eye.

Gold Hunt Game is part of Second Life for 3 successful years and is an integral part of Goldtokens Community of players. Many players who have been starters in Second Life are today proudly wearing their very fashionable and quality clothes and virtual items thankfully to hundreds of land owners who are sharing L$ with the community. Many Gold Hunters decide to buy their virtual items and fashion enhancements from the lands they are most familiar with - where they hunt daily. Also many Gold Hunters and Fishers are thankfull for the making all this happen. I would like to personaly thank to all the Land Owners old ones and new ones for participating in this great community that we're alltogether keeping alive and growing it daily. I have grand plans how to take our community on next level with inventing more of socio-economics models that can enhance the creation of community and inspire creativity and group spirit

Keep hunting, spreading the word about Gold Hunt and treat Land Owners who are hosting Gold Hunt lands and events as gods and godesses as they are the creators and enablers of the ommunity.

Most importantly have fun, make a lot of friends, keep it fun for everyone and no drama and success in your virtual activities will follow!

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