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New model of socio-economic cooperative for virtual worlds

Goldtokens Posted by in General - February 11, 2014, 5:31 am


I have an idea for new socio-economic approach to content development for  virtual worlds. Consumers under this socio-economic model will be at same time investors (mostly not knowingly). I've thought about this for a month and some more and I am more and more convinced that this vision can become a reality.  I am planing to start a new and experimental economic model that will accumulate and tie talented and creative developers and consumers into a closed loop fast expanding vibrant community.

Second Life at start was such closed loop self-feeding community. Everything that was created and added into virtual economy was at same time giving new value to virtual currency L$ and enabled Linden Lab their profits. People bought L$ so that they could spend it for virtual products that were developed by other people for them.

It is possible to create a community of developers and consumers of developed products within broad community of Second Life participants. Second Life is community of people and in within Second Life there are sub-communities. Second Life has became a hive of  world talent. Its social aspects enable a formation of worldwide projects.....

My intention is to create investors out of consumers and developers. Both developers and consumers will be owners of VALUE generated by whole of virtual socio-economic community. With each new product made available for community the total value will increase. With every new purchase the total value will increase for everyone. Outsiders will be able to join as developers or consumers/investors in the system and the size of community, its purchasing power and creative potential and sum of talents will increase.


What I've explained resembles what happened to Second Life in its early to best days. There was an explosive/viral growth and the world media, consumers and developers have all been aligned in their imagination and goals.

I will start this development community that will resemble open source community in within Second Life but once its set in motion it won't be limited only to Second Life. Once another virtual world with new and in same way for socio-economic collabortion appropriate technology comes out - all the value, talents, connections, investments will be easily transfered onto new platform. Socio-economic model can be started in Second Life and extended to other worlds.

It all starts with an idea and interest and trust and belief in a vision. That is how Second Life was created and that is how the concept of virtual realism will continue.

I have broadly shared my  vision for creation of very strong creative force of creative and progress seeking individuals. Details of my idea will be evident when the thing is set in motion.

Every individual has self interests and people are naturally greedy afterall we are just humans with animal basic instincts for survival. I've been thinking about ways to form a model/system that can align greed and self interest of every individual with interest of community every individual can be part of. A way of doing things that makes us more human and humaine. 

There is a saying that all business minded people are repeating. You can make yourself rich only by making other people rich. Or in other words a good businessman is capable of creating a win win situation for everyone.

I can say that if you're working alone you can come only so far. But if you are working with hundreds of talented people on your side and tens of thousands of people cheering and supporting then nothing is impossible. 

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