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We Live On A Two-Way Street

dayz Short Posted by in General - February 12, 2014, 1:20 am


This blog is a thank you to the NON-landowners of the community.Gratitude towards landowners/game hosts is encouraged by staff on a constant basis -  verbally, with announcments and notices, posts, vote stations, etc. They certainly deserve our gratitude, from those with one coin or s red buoy to those with 20 gems and all 3 buoys; each is literally laying lindens on the ground for strangers nto come collect. Yes they recieve a service in return, traffic.but yada yada yada I am certain you have heard all this before. It is still as valid today as it was yesterday and as it will be tomorrow . Without them there would be no games.  But this blog isn't about landowners/game hosts, this blog is about the common everyday new or long-term average player. The ones who are the traffic. The ones who buy the equipment that betters their game play, the ones that get ejected and deported and banned and spooked, shot down for flying and cursed for stealing coins and warned for a variety of reasons. The players. Without whom, there would also be no games. We recognize that this is a two-way street and while it may not always seem like we are grateful and appreciate your presence, please know that we are. So players yes, show our landowners/game hosts the respect and gratitude they deserve, but landowners/game hosts, we bid you to show the same to our players. 

just sayin'

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