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My blog seems to have died...

Keel Cahir Posted by in General - February 16, 2014, 3:05 am


Wow I haven't posted here in a while. I remember I used to enjoy lookign at thigns, but now I see nothing interesting anymore... LETS FIX THAT!


But seriously, I wonder sometimes, what drove me away. Admitedly, I used to Coin hunt alot and fish, but then I found some other thigns going on, mostl Roleplay and this really interesting Combat system that has all sorts of free stuff to do. REVOLT. I'd suggest it to anyone who doesn't medieval based stuff. Just don't go to the RP sim the Loot system is hosted in. Its a tad strict in it's rules. Not saying it doesn't work. it works pretty much anywwhere in Second Life.


I think the biggest reason though, was the lack of actual social interaction for me. Usually, I go on a gold hunt and all I see are people with wide childbirthing-esque hips ((thats my opinion. ot saying it doesn't look good, just not somehting I like)) , Tall bodies, or Overly tan skin. WHat happened to looking like an average human being and not some super model? AndNone of them talk to eahc other unless they know each other or bump into thigns or somehting. It's kinda intimidating if you ask me. I've been out of the loop for a while so I dunno how to really interact with others in this kinda frantic situation. All I know is how to go fast like Sonic the hedgehog. I feel alone alot, too. I've always been someone who enjoys a bit of Co-op, some working together, something that doesn't require constant watch. Like League of Legends, or Portal 2 Multiplayer.


I guess I'm not cut out for it or somehting. I dunno. While I mull this and other thigns over, I'll be listening to Viva Namida by Yasuyuki Okamura and watching Space Dandy. Yeh. Anime. YEH.

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dayz Short
February 17, 2014, 2:36 am -

hello Keel =)   Your blog touches on the basic differences  between hunters and fishers in SL. One type isn't better than the other, but there certainly are some major diff's and the amount of soicializing  one likes to partake in seems to be a major one. While I'm glad you've found other pasttimes to stay busy with, I hate to see you miss out on the one youre already involved in. Fishing is a very social community, and esp if you jpoin an active clan. Speaking as a clan member, let me tell you about the one I'm in. We have an active chat room that seems to be...chatty....nearly 24/7, every thing you can think of gets talked about in there, and on those rare occasions when nobody is in there, just go to our clan buoy hangout, where we have a 2x buoy running most of the time, a trivia hunt sploder thing, coins, and clan members hanging out socializing. Gold Sweepers clan members are like an extended family, involved in the acticities together that are SL and FH related, and we have parties at xmas and other holidays too. =)   Come socialize with us, and if we arent quite what you like, try another clan, there are many to choose from and one is sure to fit your needs  ...hopes to see you in-world ☺/

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