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Future of Second Life with new CEO Ebbe Altberg steering the wheels of Second Life

Goldtokens Posted by in General - February 16, 2014, 11:35 pm


New Linden Lab CEO has arrived and new hope was born. There was a lot of talk about what Linden Lab needs to do, change or tackle and a lot of people have given their opinion and advice to new CEO on many blogs and forums.

We all agree that there is a lot of things that LL can do and change internally within the company to improve things for the communities that use Second Life daily. We have heard that most improvements that LL should do are directed towards the users. If SL Residents (all users, consumers and IP creators) become happy with the Linden Lab company then Second Life user retention rate will increase and viral growth of new users that also stay in SL for much longer may happen and more people will spend their money eagerly because there is future.

We know that almost all of the content in Second Life was created by its users and most of the things that are happening in Second Life are organized by users. There would not be the Second Life as it is today if there was not for the creative people that are participating in market of creation and creating and driving the demand for virtual products, services and virtual experience.

My question is what can we do to improve Second Life for everyone.

What can champions of Resident based virtual businesses that have became an integral part of what Second Life is today do to drive it forward with new CEO behind LL's wheels. What can content creators do for Second Life to provide for its future. What can Residents, consumers of virtual content and experiences who care for Second Life do. What can successful community leaders do.

What we all should not do is to put all our bets on 1 person (1 CEO) and believe that change in executive leadership can magically change everything for SL users community. We should not believe that 1 person can improve and make happen everything that community of SL users expects or would want to.

However if that 1 person rather then changing things becomes more of an enabler of new things, possibilities and hopes then Second Life will thrive.

Second Life has been created and more or less steered by all of its users as it continues to be from day to day. We should learn to better cooperate among ourselves and new LL CEO should learn how to connect with this creative community that has created the content that Second Life has today.

When I 1st came in Second Life I was only observing and admiring of what is happening. In my eyes the creative process that has taken place on this platform is one of the biggest ever I have saw. From what I have learned about Philip Rosedale the originator of Second Life he always tries to include everyone in the creative process to contribute whatever they can. We need to copy this concept and re-apply it back to Second Life and it will continue to thrive.
We can hope that mr. Ebbe Altberge is the sort of person that can be diplomatic and looks for optimal solutions to problems, can find the balance between extracting profit while keeping the environment relaxed enough for general growth and is prepared to include everyone who can contribute for the future of creative process that successfully continues to happen in Second Life.

I believe that second Life will thrive because we will make it thrive.

So what can you do for Second Life (whatever your role in the story of Second Life's future can be)? You can also explain what is already happening in Second Life and why you believe Second Life will survive for many coming years.

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Community Comments

AmyNevilly Resident
February 17, 2014, 3:33 pm -

In my opinion they should make this new CEO actually play Second Life.

That would be an excellent start!! cool

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johannes1977 Resident
February 17, 2014, 7:29 pm -

I 2nd Amy's comment! The problem with Second Life right now is that the lindens are just not even around to see what a great world they have here and a great product and it can be even greater. The first thing they need to do is update their new user experience. Newbies have no clue how to adjust their settings on their viewer and many of them get a 5 minute tutorial before they are off to explore the vastness of Second Life on their own. Tier, I wont even go there, the reason why land prices are so expensive, even from a renters standpoint, is that land is just too expensive. While it is their cash cow, there are other ways to offset the deduction in tier. Second Life could cut out the middle man and have us renting directly from them. Up the number of prims on sims and offer a middle sim product. While we have homesteads, these only hold 20, up that number to 30 and say if a person is a premium land member, let people own homesteads without having to own an entire island. Once again they can offset the cost by creating a new premium membership scheme that allows this. Of course fix the lag, the broken marketplace, the frequent unscheduled maintenance, then maybe things would improve. Ok enough of this rant.

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