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10 percent off dust for Top 10 Lands Owners and Top 10 monthly players in Fish and Gold Hunt

Goldtokens Posted by in Announcements - March 2, 2014, 1:12 am


For last month of February everyone that is in top 10 land owners and top 10 players in monthly ranks in Fish Hunt and Gold Hunt receives the right to buy 10 White Magic Dust Powder Recipes at 10 % discount.

You will have exactly 7 days (until the next end of Saturday) to claim your 10 % discount for 10 White Magic Dust Recipes. After next Saturday you will loose the right to claim the 10 % shubbie dust recipes (10) discount and the right for discount  will be passed down on the list of TOP monthly players (they will have 1 week to claim it). 

If you find yourself on the list IM TerryDavidd Resident who will take you to a special shubbie pet dust recipes vendor where you will be able to buy 10 pet food recipes that will get charged on your account directly for you to craft pet food.

Congratulations to everyone for being in the TOP \☺/


1    Sarah385 Resident   
2    Danerator Resident   
3    8Alessandro8 Resident 
4    Maja Hallison 
5    Caladwen Resident  
6    tiffinie Sapphire  
7    LiddiLamzi Resident
8    faerah Crystal   
9    IaiIaIai Resident   
10  DieChaotin Resident   


1    Rainbow Zulaman
2    LadyLazarusKane Resident
3    Anu Uriza  
4    Gimonia Horten  
5    Trad Aeon
6    chique Landar  
7    branigon Resident  
8    Carabella Ferrentino  
9    Coinflipper Resident  
10    k0k0r0 Resident  


1    HansB    Funpark and Musik  
2    ChocolateIcing    CIs Snuffle Park  
3    ComeFluffMe    Fluffys Paradise =D No Flying Allowed!  
4    Lowden    Rock-A-Baby Daddy / Babygirl 75l AdBoards NO CHILD PLAY OR AVI  
5    Wili Clip    Advertise Grid Wide (many lands with traffic)   
6    Paulinha String    Refined W Paulinha   
7    Maevafan    Papitoland Tropical Adult & G&S market   
8    Bitfrog    Games in space - Free games + 2% Bonus + 6% Replay + Jackpots   
9    Wayne Babii    Reds Beach Club & Gaming   
10    Sotara Zepp    Hermosa Mall   


1    blue    MacPhearson    The Raging Storm Rock Club, Beach, Mall, Hangout ~ Potions & Worms for Sale 
2    blue    Antonio Imako    LOVE GAMES PARK... LOVE PARK 2... EL PARQUE DEL AMOR 2    1166679  
3   yellow    ThaneFaithkills Azalee    Los Getaway Club & Mall  
4    blue    HansB Resident    Funpark and Musik   
5    blue    ThaneFaithkills Azalee    Los Getaway Club & Mall  
6    blue    AriochKaos    Blackreach Breedables Mystic Creatures & Pet Peddlers Fish Market  
7   blue    Nena Easterwood    Serenity Heaven Fish Hunt and Roleplay Clothing Mall 
8    blue    Eric Tempest    Ohana Sky Homes 
9    blue    johannes1977 Resident    Black Eagle Rock Club & Tribute City
10    blue    Axelrodster    @MPED Designs, Mens and Womens Clothing  

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Community Comments

Jisper Darkfold
March 2, 2014, 1:18 am -

Congrats to all the top rankers here *yay*!

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dayz Short
March 2, 2014, 1:23 am -

congrats to the top ten \o/

and what a great idea ! Those with no pet can craft their powders for sale and enjoy a nicer profit \o/

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