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Blackreach Breedables Mystic Creatures & Pet Peddlers Fish Market - Land Review

Beauty Rexen Posted by in General - April 10, 2014, 5:54 pm


If you have never been to this SIM you are missing out!! Ranked #9 in the Fish Hunt with 1,018,188 votes and #44 in the Gold Hunt with 149,983 votes! Fish Hunt and Gold Hunt are not the only $L making opportunities this land has to offer either! Blackreach has weekly events as well so grab a group tag while your visiting! Breedables shops, a club, contests galore, and of course our favorite GoldToken games! So come on over and check this place out! Coins are spread throughout the shops but also there is a HUGE and I do mean HUGE maze with tons more hidden!! Just make sure you stop in the info center and arm yourself before entering! Look around and make sure you get the HUD and dagger as the shotgun is absolutely useless without rez rights which the VIP group doesn't give you. I'll admit I had some frustrations when I found that out the hard way but I ended up finding the dagger to use which was near the fishing area. Monsters and pests will follow you through the maze to keep you from getting your treasure but long as dagger is in hand and your good with mouselook don't worry! Also the maze does not have just one level but a few and coins are hidden a different way each level! Lookout for hidden secrets as you go too! I made it to the second level and got fed up with my shotgun not working lol but now with the dagger in inventory I can't wait to go back and try again! Also with every event they have on the sim there is a fishing event too!! Friday nights are 3x fish events from 6-9p SLT and yes that's a whole 3 HOURS!! Many events throughout the week to earn linden outright or through Fishing or Gold Hunting. All the land info is below including SLURL so hope to see you there!


"Fishing pole is now ready to use. Touch the pole to begin fishing."


Here at Blackreach Breedables we offer Mystic Creatures & Pet Peddlers Fish for sale and trade as well as market shops for rent to sell your finest breedables.
We also offer Fish & Gold Hunt, Dragons/Princess game.
Store rentals support the Fish/Gold Hunt and other games to keep traffic in the area.
If you have and questions please contact AriochKaos for more details.
  • Flying and Teleporting to Find Gems and Coins is strictly forbidden.
  • Don't cam around to find gems and coins, it only takes away the fun of finding them.
  • No Gem/Coin Hud finders allowed ever.
  • In addition there is absolutely no parking on Gold Hunt Coins and Gems
  • All coins and Gems can be reached on foot so run as fast as you can because thieving is allowed.
  • Anyone found breaking the rules may be subjected to ejection and/or banishment!
  • Be aware Gold Hunters, their are Stalkers about to chase you around and cause a little chaos so grab a weapon from the info center to fig
  • ht them off and win other prises.
  • If you get lost follow the red arrows to get back on track, Happy Hunting everyone.



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Beauty Rexen
April 24, 2014, 12:42 am -

It has come to my attention somewhere in the past few days this sim has shut down. Sad tidings =(

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