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Business Park Headquarters sim - building a Dynamic Mall

Goldtokens Posted by in Announcements - April 14, 2014, 2:16 pm


If you've been a bit around Business Park Sim lately you might have noticed there are now many small to medium size stores available for rent throughout center of Business Park.

I've started building a flexible Mall in center of Business Park. For all stores that are part of the sim mall I can add prims and resize them as there is need. This is why I am calling it a dynamic mall.

Business strategy of Business Park is to offer more for less. More prims at lower prices relative to other sims with similar traffic. I can make such offer on prims and store rentals because I don't have a need to profit from rents.
(Discounts and assistance on rentals are applicable for clothes and avatar accessories created by content creators of higher quality brands and their franchisees).

Goal is to help designers promote their brands. I am offering special discounts on prims to all content creators and franchisees for clothes.

If you want a store in a mall to sell clothes or to promote a content creators brand I am willing to set per prim price that is near breakeven price. Additional discount for longer period rents.

Discounts are applicable only to clothes stores, content creators or their franchisees. (products that sell most in Second Life are high heels and hair)

You can also rent store in BITCOINS.

Business Park gains its main traffic from players of our games that come to cash out L$. Quite a lot of L$ are made by player base of around 50 000. So I've decided that I'll try to help content creators and their franchisees by promoting the stores in mall and direct some of L$ withdrawn by players to them.

I am prepared to actively work with clothes designers and their franchisees to meet them with store rental prices where they're making profit.

Picture of the current mall:


I see a future of Business Park in virtual business acceleration. Cooperation and networking with other businesses is going to become important for our company.

Wili Clip
CEO of Second ADS

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Community Comments

Cerridwen Melody
April 17, 2014, 9:14 am -

Thank you Wili.  It's rare to find a land owner that offers such terms, and as a business owner/creator finding such a person is much appreciated.

It's difficult to break the Second Life market when you are starting out, and i recommend taking such opportunities as they arise.  

I've been creating and designing clothes in SL for a little while now and understand the difficulties in getting your brand name out there.  Keep trying, grab these opportunities, and don't be afraid to set up shop in new locations.  Getting your items in a store here will certainly help you out, especially since Wili has strategically placed gold hunt coins in and around stores of the mall. At the very least, avatars will see your products and perhaps pause to have a look around, and that's exactly the plan.

I've still got a long way to go, and i'll keep trying.

Thanks again,

Cerri (Room Five owner)

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Elora Danick
April 19, 2014, 6:41 am -
I have had nothing but positive experiences with my business park land rental. Wili is great to work with.
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October 6, 2014, 2:59 pm -

Goal of Business Park Mall is to support people who bring or distribute new content in Second Life that we enjoy (content creators & franchisors).

I'd like to ask all in the Goldtokens/LGH community if possible to shop at Business Park Mall from CONTENT CREATORS and FRANCHISORS who will decide to offer their creations to community (if you find something you want/need).

I believe that if purchasing power of LGH/Goldtokens players who by playing games pull millions of L$ monthly is met with content providers that want to offer special offers for the large growing community then both can benefit (content creators and their distributors can enjoy more sales and players from community specially for community discounted virtual goods). I want to create such a meeting point for these 2 interests groups at Business Park Mall and I we will be working with both groups to meet their best interests.

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