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ElisePetite Resident Posted by in General - May 4, 2014, 12:29 pm


Apparently 'damn' is still considered offensive/bad manners by some. This was news to me considering it's quite a generally accepted 'common word' these days. Clark Gable's rather famous no-no in 1939..well...that was 1939.

In my opinion, getting a caution for saying 'damn' and then a patronising sentence about the group and it's members having 'good manners' is laughable.

I said I'd keep it in mind and that was that. I'm not one for creating trouble. Still, it comes to mind now and then. Is damn really considered bad manners any more outside strict evangelical families? I think any group considering that to be bad manners is a fair few decades out of sync with the present.

Ah well, it's not an issue (truly). Gives me a giggle though so I guess something good came out of it.

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ElisePetite Resident

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dayz Short
May 6, 2014, 3:29 am -

hello Elise =)    If we're going to tell this tale lets tell it without th misinformation. The comment about being bad manners didnt come from an LGH GM but from a member of our community. That being said, let me go on to explain the difficult choices GM's are faced with....questions such as.....do I allow that and not this....does that cross the line or land right on it....should I warn what if I don't and they think it's ok....etc...just to name a few. To help simplify these questions for GMs...it is a policy to draw the lines very thick so there is no question as to what is or is not allowed. The owner of the group wants it to be a non-cussing group and damn is a cuss word....no matter how inoffensive. So it gets a warning. We are obligated to treat the light-hearted cuss word to the same policy as the more serious cusswords and intentions. The difrence lies in our minds and logs for us to refer to should futur violations continue. I hope this sheds some more tolerant light on the descisions GMs are faced with in issuing warnings, See you on the grid =)

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